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What Are the Key Benefits & Latest Trends of Food and Beverage Labels?

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Product labels can make a difference in consumers’ buying decisions, so it’s important to carefully consider the look and feel of your labels. In the food and beverage sector, labels must also display a wealth of important safety and ingredient information per industry regulations. But how can you best grab consumers’ attention on store shelves to beat out product competition? This blog will discuss some current industry trends, and how incorporating them into customized labels can encourage customers to choose your brand.

What Are Some Industry Trends & Insights?

Today’s market is characterized by tight competition, with new goods entering the market every day accompanied by fresh ideas and innovative marketing tactics. Investing in quality, custom food and beverage labels is crucial to stay ahead of other brands with similar offerings, drawing customers to your product over all others before they’ve even consumed it.

One current industry trend for food and beverage labels are sensory labels, or self-adhesive labels that provide some sort of tactile experience for the consumer. This may include utilizing textured paper, hot or cold stamping to create shiny and colorful foils, and embossing for raised designs or text. Instead of simply engaging consumers’ sight, sensory labels incorporate a second sense, touch, for a memorable brand interaction.

QR code interactionQR codes on labels are another method to boost engagement with your brand. Customers scan them with their smartphones to easily and quickly access online information about your product and company. This promotes an interactive experience and is another way to highlight your product’s strengths.

Increased consumer expectations for manufacturers to be more transparent in their food labeling is another industry trend. Food and beverage companies can fulfill this demand by including detailed and clear information about ingredients to help customers navigate food allergies and dietary preferences. 

Overall, labels offer food and beverage manufacturers more branding opportunities. They are a versatile way to flexibly label consumable goods with customizable options specific to your company.

Why Are Labels So Important for Food & Beverage Products?

Attractive and informative food and beverage labels are important for more than just marketing your product and drawing a consumer’s eye. They are also important for:

  •  Safety. Labels provide clear and concise information about important aspects such as ingredients, expiration dates, and FDA compliance standards.
  • Transparency. Food and beverage labels increase transparency by offering extensive and accurate descriptive information about products and potential allergens.
  • Resistance. Quality labels can withstand wear, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures, thus maintaining integrity during and after shipping.

What Are the Benefits of Using NADCO’s Custom Labels for Food & Beverages?

Wine bottles + labelsAt NADCO® Tapes & Labels, Inc., we continue to invest in research and innovative technologies to improve the consumer experience with our brand and keep up with emerging trends and market demands. Our full-service graphics department will work with you to create a label design that best showcases your product and company. These designs can include FDA-compliant nutritional panels, UPC and other categories of barcode generation, and comprehensive SKU alterations, all while keeping to your brand’s look and feel. 

As part of the NADCO difference, our team offers:

  • Consistent quality and service. By offering our services in-house, you are guaranteed the same quality every time, with no chance of your specifications being overlooked by outside vendors.
  • Superior custom capabilities. To best serve you, we offer our comprehensive capabilities include graphic designing and prototyping, digital printing and die cutting, and more. Our team will work with you to create a custom solution for your unique application.
  • Reduced lead times. We utilize a full-service manufacturing line to eliminate part wait times, support production efficiency, and boost our accountability.

Partner With NADCO

Keeping up with the latest trends in food and beverage labels can help you stay ahead of your competition and attract more customers for your brand. At NADCO, we have the customization capabilities and high-quality, pressure-sensitive labels to support your operations. Our team can collaborate directly with packaging, bottling, and canning companies in printing your custom labels, tapes, and packaging films. This is important to ensure that all auto-labeling spec considerations are made and adhered to; with NADCO, you cut out the middleman by letting us handle these details.

Contact us today to request a quote and learn about other services we have to offer the food and beverage industry.