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4 Reasons to Use PVC Foam Tape

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4 Reasons to Use PVC Foam Tape

PVC foam tape provides insulation, cushioning, and tight seals against air, dust, and moisture, making them a durable and versatile solution for many industrial settings. These tapes are especially common in the HVAC, construction, electronics, and automotive industries since they conform quickly and easily to irregular surfaces. They also hold up well to environmental stressors like sunlight and chemical exposures, so they won’t degrade in circumstances that would otherwise break an adhesive bond.

Aside from these physical characteristics, PVC foam tape also offers a number of practical advantages. Here are a few of the most compelling benefits you can expect from it.

1. Time Savings

Unlike other options, PVC foam tape is constructed so the adhesive is on the inside of the tape rather than the outside. This comes from the unique process of casting foam tapes: we pour PVC onto a casting sheet and let it rise to the desired thickness. Once the foam has taken on the final texture, we coat it directly with adhesive before winding it into a roll. To use the tape, just unroll and cut a piece of any length. The interior adhesive eliminates the need for a release liner, cutting a step from the assembly process and saving you time on installation and waste management. These small time savings add up over time, leading to a far more efficient production.

2. Reduced Material Costs

PVC foam tapes support a number of precise cutting mechanisms that save you money on materials. We offer large rolls, or logs, that are cost-effective to buy. Tape conversion processes like lathe splitting allow these logs to be cut down into several smaller rolls, each with a precise width. The resulting rolls can be further modified through die cutting, allowing you to meet specific dimensions as required by your project. Also, unlike vinyl tapes, which may offer similar benefits, PVC foam tapes can be produced with a simple two-component pour, making PVC a cost-effective option.

3. Extensive Working Life

Extensive Working Life

Another key benefit of PVC foam tapes is their notable durability. By nature of their material, these tapes resist damage from solvents, fuels, chemicals, flames, and environmental exposure, all while maintaining compatibility with resins and other adhesives. PVC foam is also closed-cell, which allows it to resist moisture absorption. In practice, this means foam tape is unlikely to rot under moist conditions. It also resists vibration and has an exceptional fatigue life, making it a practical choice where longevity is concerned. Taken in sum, these many resistance properties mean PVC foam tape lasts much longer than competing products would—even in harsher environments.

4. Adaptability

A final consideration with PVC foams is their adaptability. NADCO offers PVC foams at a range of densities, widths, and lengths, available in both single and double-sided configurations. Depending on the product, these tapes can withstand high shear, exposure to chemicals, and extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to 200°F. We also offer solutions like aluminum liners for added protection in demanding environments. By altering these specifications, it’s possible to achieve the perfect foam tape for your individual situation.

NADCO PVC Tape Solutions for Your Project

NADCO offers an extensive range of PVC foam tapes varying in density, texture, and adhesive qualities. We would be happy to help you identify the most effective and affordable option for any application.
If you need an adhesive solution that will save you time and money, our team will walk you through the process.

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