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Why Use Paper Tapes?

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nadco paper tapes

Paper tape—also sometimes referred to as masking tape—is a broad category of tapes that encompasses all water-activated adhesive tapes with paper backing materials (e.g., flatback paper, crepe paper, tissue paper, fish paper, Kraft papers, and clay-coat paper). These tapes are available in many variations—differing with regard to color, tensile strength, temperature tolerance, removability, and more—to suit different applications.

Paper tapes offer a number of benefits that make them suitable for use in various industrial and commercial applications, such as:

1. Paper tapes are compatible with many surface materials.

Paper tapes can adhere to a variety of surface materials, including, but not limited to, paper, fabric, wood, metal, corrugated cardboard, plastic, and film. This quality enables them to be used in many applications, such as carton packing and sealing, floor marking, color coding and labeling, and paint masking.

2. Paper tapes are tamper-evident.

Many industries utilize paper tapes as labels due to their tamper-evident properties. Tamper-evident labels are used to ensure product safety and security by allowing consumers to identify if a product has experienced tampering. They are commonly employed in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries as product tampering can lead to consumer illness and, in severe cases, consumer death.

3. Paper tapes are highly durable.

Paper tapes maintain their integrity in a variety of environmental conditions. They are not affected by changes in temperature or humidity or exposure to dust and dirt. As a result, they are suitable for use in a wide range of application environments.

4. Paper tapes are available in a variety of strengths.

Paper tapes are manufactured with varying properties to suit different needs. For example, users can adjust the tensile strength and the adhesive strength to fit the application. Paper tapes can be used for everything ranging from paint masking to sealing heavy packages as long as the end-user chooses one with the right tensile strength and adhesive strength.

Paper Tapes From NADCO

At NADCO® Tapes & Labels, we specialize in the supply of tapes and other adhesive products. One of our core product offerings is paper/masking tape. These products are available in a variety of materials and finishes to accommodate the strength, removability, printability, and other needs of a wide range of applications.

Our paper and masking tape offerings include:

  • General-purpose masking tapes
  • Moisture-resistant masking tapes
  • Printable rope paper tapes
  • Paper identification tapes

For additional information about our paper tape offerings or assistance choosing one for your application, browse our catalog or contact us today.