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Adhesive Tape Converters vs. Distributors

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Various industries depend on adhesive tapes and labels as reliable and flexible solutions for mounting, sealing, and bonding applications, among others. When procuring these products, businesses often turn to one of two options: adhesive tape converters or adhesive tape distributors. While both options deliver similar products, converters go the extra mile to provide customized products, value-added services, and more to deliver a turnkey solution. Here, we’ll dive into the differences between adhesive tape and label converters vs. adhesive tape and label distributors, including the unique offerings and capabilities of each.

Adhesive Tape Converters

Rotating knives for cutting self-adhesive labelAdhesive tape and label converters have the expertise and technology required to modify standard tapes or labels to the client’s specifications. A primary capability of converters is their cutting and slitting techniques, which are used to create custom lengths and widths. Tape and label converters also use die-cutting and other converting processes to produce tapes and labels with complex shapes and designs.

To ensure optimal efficiency and performance, converters work closely with manufacturers to develop solutions that align with the client’s exact requirements. At NADCO, we are a manufacturer and a converter, meaning we can design and develop all of our tapes and labels in-house, delivering the best quality products that closely align with our customers’ needs.

In addition to slitting, cutting, and die-cutting services, converters often provide value-added services, such as design and engineering support, tape or label selection assistance, and more, to enhance the customer experience. They can also offer sample production or prototyping services to allow customers to evaluate the performance of a tape/label before committing to a full order. At NADCO, we are a one-stop shop for tapes and labels, offering extensive application expertise and technical guidance to ensure we deliver the right solution.

Adhesive Tape Distributors

Adhesive tape distributors stock and supply various adhesive tapes from numerous manufacturers. They primarily serve as a middleman between the manufacturer and the end user.

A primary distinction between converters and distributors is their customization capabilities. Distributors maintain a stock of standard tapes and labels but normally don’t have the ability to customize their offerings to meet specific application requirements. Although distributors may offer quick delivery on a handful of stock prints, a converter can provide a more valuable solution through customization and other value-added services.

Key Differences Between Adhesive Tape Converters and Distributors

Understanding the main differences between adhesive tape converters and distributors can help you decide which option is best for you. The primary differentiators include:

  • Customization. In addition to offering everything a distributor can provide, a converter also specializes in customization, utilizing die-cutting, slitting, and cutting services to deliver tailored tapes and labels that meet specific customer needs. Distributors, on the other hand, offer standard tape products without customized options.
  • Value-added Services. Adhesive tape and label converters offer application expertise, prototyping, design, and engineering support to provide clients with a more valuable solution. A converter can also provide technical guidance to help customers select the right tape. Distributors’ core competency is providing customer support and logistics. Their main goal is to get the product to your door, without offering the value-added services that converters can provide.
  • Product Selection and Availability. Converters offer various adhesive tapes and labels, including specialty options for unique applications. They can also develop tapes with specific qualities to provide a custom solution. Because converters are experts in the products they offer, they can answer specific questions about a product’s capabilities and/or limitations. While distributors may carry a large stock of standard adhesive tapes in various colors, materials, and sizes, they may not have the expertise to answer unusual questions.
  • Manufacturer Relationship. Adhesive tape and label converters work closely with customers or manufacturers to develop a custom solution. Distributors partner with manufacturers to stock and distribute tapes without getting involved in product design or development. Additionally, distributors often lean on converters for up-to-date information on materials/adhesives and end-user applications. When you partner with a converter, you can get that information directly from the expert while benefiting from the rest of their capabilities.
  • Cost. Converters eliminate the middleman between manufacturers and end-users, allowing them to deliver customized tape and label products at a lower price. By buying directly from converters, customers not only gain access to tailored solutions but also benefit from a reduced cost per unit.
  • Flexibility. Because converters offer value-added services such as die-cutting and printing, they offer more product flexibility. Distributors buy products directly from manufacturers to sell to the end user and often have strict requirements for order quantities. As such, they don’t offer the same level of flexibility that a converter can provide.

Choose NADCO Tapes and Labels, Inc. As Your Adhesive Tape Converter

Although adhesive tape converters and distributors deliver similar products, converters offer additional capabilities that may make them the better option for your project. At NADCO, we are your one-stop shop for custom tapes and labels. As a converter, we eliminate the middleman by performing all of our services in-house, ensuring our customers only need one point of contact throughout the entire development, manufacturing, and converting process. We offer fast response times and are a simple phone call away whenever you need us.

For more information about our adhesive tape and label converting capabilities, contact us or request a quote today.