The aerospace industry uses adhesive tapes to hold and insulate critical components under exposure to a wide variety of harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, high moisture, fluctuating pressures, and UV radiation. To withstand the operational challenges posed by aerospace equipment, tapes must meet stringent standards and requirements for temperature resistance, flammability, low weight, and adhesion.

At NADCO, we offer an extensive selection of quality adhesive tapes suitable for a broad range of aerospace applications. Whether you need conductive foil tapes, protective foam tapes, or custom adhesive tapes for specialty applications, we have a full range of standard formulations and custom manufacturing capabilities to meet even the most unique operational requirements.

Common Adhesive Tapes Used in the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace adhesives are highly versatile and available from a variety of materials to meet particular needs. Some of the most common adhesive tapes used in aerospace applications include:

  • Foil tapes. Adhesive foil tapes provide excellent sealing for aerospace systems while providing protection from temperature fluctuations, moisture, and chemicals. Heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties coupled with electrical conductivity make foil tapes ideal for use in sensitive electronics and high-heat applications.


  • Foam tapes. Foam tapes provide added structure. With a variety of foam thicknesses and sizes, adhesive formulas, and backing materials, foam tapes provide sound dampening, insulation, cushioning, and sealing assistance.


  • Pressure-sensitive tapes. Engineered for quick, easy use, pressure-sensitive tapes are made using a pressure-sensitive adhesive that adheres under pressure. Since they don’t require additional curing steps or bonding materials, pressure-sensitive tapes are used to mount, fasten, and bond aerospace components securely and efficiently. They are also used to seal and cover specialized aerospace surfaces that cannot be painted or coated.

Key Aerospace Applications for Adhesive Tapes

Nearly every aspect of aerospace manufacturing and operation incorporates adhesive tapes to some degree. They are used to hold instrumentation and components in place throughout aircraft and to protect surfaces during painting, coating, and media blasting applications. They serve as electrical insulators, gaskets, and window masks, and are crucial for successful aircraft operation.

No matter what you need to fasten, seal, or insulate, NADCO has the right adhesive tape design and material for your needs. Aerospace applications that benefit from NADCO’s adhesive tapes include:


  • Aircraft maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO)
  • Attachment, bonding, and holding of aircraft parts and equipment
  • Contamination prevention
  • Electrical insulation
  • Fastener retention
  • Long-term surface protection
  • Protection from chemicals, paint, and media blasting
  • Seating fabric, flooring, and carpet installation
  • Window masks

Choosing NADCO Adhesive Tapes for Your Aerospace Needs

NADCO offers a full selection of products and solutions for our customers in the aerospace industry. When you choose NADCO, you benefit from superior-quality products, short lead times, and extensive custom manufacturing capabilities. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and consistent products that meet or exceed even the most stringent customer specifications and industry standards.

With NADCO, you gain reliability, durability, and excellent performance from your aerospace tapes. Choosing a reliable tape supplier that has aerospace experience ensures that you have the perfect adhesive tapes for your aerospace applications while meeting the industry’s extremely stringent regulatory standards.

The NADCO team is committed to providing superior tapes and other adhesive solutions. To learn more about our custom manufacturing capabilities for the aerospace industry, contact the experts at NADCO today.