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Foam Tapes for Medical Adhesive Applications

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Medical-grade adhesives are an integral part of modern healthcare. Care providers use medical foam tape to seal sanitized devices, cushion patients and devices during treatment, and manage fluids for long-term-wear wound dressings.

Foam Tapes for Medical Adhesive Applications

The versatility of foam tapes when used in medical applications is driving a dramatic increase in their manufacture. According to a report by Technology Assessment Associates, hospitals currently invest $44 billion each year in medical-grade adhesives. The market for this product continues to grow at a rate of 12% each year.

In a variety of medical settings, medical foam tape is replacing permanent bonding methods like rivets, screws, and welding. This allows for greater flexibility and better patient outcomes.

The Benefits of Medical-Grade Adhesives

The unique properties that foam tapes bring to medical applications make them ideal for a number of care-related purposes:

  • Medical adhesives are lightweight, soft, and comfortable enough for long-term therapeutic wear
  • Medical foam tapes are produced in attractive colors with durable materials
  • Double-sided foam tapes offer superior adhesion and intricate bonding to safeguard and cushion medical devices
  • When used next to the skin, polyethylene foam tape is a soft, comfortable, and cost-effective alternative to films and nonwoven tapes
  • Medical adhesive bandages are available in high and low tacks to fit the needs of the patients (patients with sensitive skin, like seniors and newborns, generally require lower-tack products)

Medical-grade adhesives are safe and multifaceted products that can be used to replace more expensive or less comfortable adhesive options.

Materials and Applications of Medical-Grade Adhesives

Medical-grade foams are manufactured with or without an adhesive element. These tools are also available in a variety of densities, widths, and colors. Some of the materials that manufacturers use to create medical-grade foams include:

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a lightweight yet rigid material primarily used in medical-grade containers and tubing
    Polyethylene, a polymer used to manufacture plastic cups, surgical gloves, and countless other common medical accessories
    Polyether, an organic compound found in implantable medical devices like stomas
    Polyester, which combines organic and synthetic polymers to create a biodurable medical fiber for internal use
    Neoprene, a synthetic rubber used in gloves, braces, and a number of medical devices and therapeutic tools
    Single-sided foams, which add adhesive to one side of the material so the device can be used for cushioning, filling in gaps, and insulation
    Double-face medical-grade foams, which allow medical professionals to mount small items, like tubes, to secure surfaces

Medical adhesives fill important roles in daily care procedures. These devices are used to:

  • Pad prosthetics for a firmer and more comfortable fit
  • Seal LCD screens, control panels, and keypads on medical electronics
  • Attach electrodes to the skin and sealing ostomy equipment
  • Dress wounds to decrease discomfort while still allowing healing

And as the industry continues to grow, researchers will continue to find new applications for medical adhesives.

NADCO: A Reliable Source for Medical-Grade Adhesives

A Reliable Source for Medical-Grade Adhesives

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