Digital Printing & Digital Die-Cutting

Digital Printing & Digital Die-Cutting

While we’re known for our high-quality tapes and labels, many customers don’t realize that NADCO® also offers a wide range of graphic design services. From banners to signs, we can produce unique, full-color graphics for indoor or outdoor use in almost any size.

Our experienced graphics team is happy to either work with your existing design or create a custom version tailored for your needs using our suite of graphic design services, including digital printing and digital die cutting for small volume orders.

With in-house printing capabilities to accommodate a number of different materials and substrates, including vinyl, paper, and other composite materials, all designs can be customized for unique applications and settings.

What Is Digital Printing?

Digital printing involves printing a digital image directly onto a material, specifically placing a thin layer of toner onto a substrate through a heating process.

This printing method offers a number of benefits, especially its cost-effectiveness and expedited turnaround times. Requiring fewer toxic chemicals than typical printing projects, digital printing instead relies on mild solvents for ink work, reducing the process’ environmental impact. Additionally, because digital printing works with electronic proofs rather than physical samples, the process requires 15% less paper than standard printing methods, reducing supply needs and limiting waste.

What is Digital Die Cutting?

Rather than printing onto a material, digital die cutting uses a computer to digitally program dies to cut a specific shape within a material. Offering repeatable precision, this cutting process holds very tight tolerances and can accommodate a broad range of shapes and sizes. It is especially useful for irregular shapes or complex designs, making it a great solution for creating unique signs, banners, or labels, or smaller runs for less investment in tooling.

Digital die cutting is often used to create signs, stickers, labels, and other designs. Similar to digital printing, digital die cutting is cost-effective and expedient, offering customers a rapid turnaround time.

Industries Served

Our digital printing and digital die services are used by a wide array of industries. Some of these industries include the following:

  • Electronics and telecommunications
  • Catalog house
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Advertising
  • Nuclear energy
  • Medical and science fields
  • Retails
  • Safety

If you’re looking to enhance your business with updated, eye-catching graphics, digital printing and digital die cutting can help you create the high-quality images your company needs. With the help of our graphic design team, we’ll help you design your own unique custom image or update your existing design to suit the specific display you’d like to create. We specialize in digital sign printing, indoor and outdoor sign printing, and digital banner printing.

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