Custom Political Stickers, Banners, and Labels

Stickers can be powerful political messaging tools, offering a visual focal point that naturally draws attention. At NADCO Tapes & Labels, we provide a wide range of custom political stickers, including bumper stickers, “I voted” stickers, and other promotional items including political banners, enabling you to effectively enhance the impact of your political message. Read on for the full breakdown.

Custom Political Stickers 

political logosCustom political stickers are printed adhesive materials featuring political messages, symbols, and slogans tailored to a specific campaign, or for general purposes. You can affix them to various surfaces, such as cars, laptops, water bottles, clothing, etc. 

The benefits of using custom political stickers for campaigns include the following: 

  • Customization allows campaigns to personalize their message and make it resonate more with target groups.
  • They’re cheaper to make and easy to distribute as you can place them on various surfaces.
  • They are a constant reminder of a political message, as people are likely to interact with them multiple times.

We can customize various shapes, sizes, and eye-catching designs, allowing you to customize your political stickers for packaging your message. 

Custom Political Bumper Stickers 

Political bumper stickers can be affixed to the rear windshields or bumpers of vehicles. They’ve been a popular political messaging tool for years, and for good reason. They’re easy to distribute, apply during campaigns, and peel off after the campaign period. You can also change them easily when there’s a need to update the political message. They’re inexpensive compared to other mediums, such as billboards and digital advertising. You can print them at a lower price and incur zero maintenance costs afterward. 

Additional Political Promotional Items 

'I voted' political stickerNADCO also supports civic duties and helps local campaigns personalize and reinforce their messaging with different customizable items. These include: 

Custom “I Voted” Stickers 

“I Voted” stickers are a classic in helping maximize voter turnout in polling locations and reminding the audience of the importance of voting. NADCO can create beautiful custom “I Voted” stickers with various designs, colors, and imagery to inspire and encourage voters to exercise their right to vote and show off that they have done so. 

Political Campaign Banners 

Political campaign banners provide a high-visibility platform to promote a candidate or cause. We have a wide selection of various materials, such as vinyl, and sizes to customize the design, colors, and logos on political campaign banners to ensure they stand out and that your message is communicated effectively. 

Our Customization Process 

NADCO has a streamlined customization process to help our clients get their desired political products. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to order products from us: 

  1. Conceptual Design: Think about a design that aligns with your campaign’s message. We have an extensive selection of templates that can be personalized for you. We can also work with original ideas.
  2. Material Specs/Recommendations: Get NADCO’s recommendations for the appropriate materials and finishes for your stickers, bumper stickers, or banners.
  3. Receive Quote: We will present you with a formal quote for your customized political items. We offer competitive prices and ensure you get value for money.
  4. Proofing: Review digital proofs of your designs to ensure they meet your expectations before bulk production begins.
  5. First Article Inspection (FAI): Upon request, we produce and inspect the first item with you to ensure it meets your specifications.
  6. Production Run: We will begin production.

Industries Served 

Our capabilities also extend to the following applications. These industries include but aren’t limited to:

  • PPE: We provide adhesive tapes to seal and insulate packages of personal protective equipment, ensuring safety compliance.
  • Medical: We design stickers for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare facilities.
  • Safety: We create custom safety labels and tags for various safety applications.
  • Construction: We produce durable and visible tapes suitable for construction sites and equipment.
  • Retail:  We customize labels and branding solutions for retail businesses.
  • And many more.

Contact Our Experts for Custom Political Stickers & Banners

NADCO offers the best design and branding solutions for custom political stickers and bumper stickers for your upcoming campaigns. We listen to your needs and find creative ways to personalize every aspect of your project. Our products are also locally made, allowing us to provide better quality and faster lead and response times. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you deliver powerful and visual political messaging.


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