Adhesive Tapes in the Chemical Industry

As essential components in the chemical industry, adhesive tapes are used to label and seal packaging and containers for a wide variety of chemical substances. Common applications include labeling for hazardous drums, storage containers, barrels, bags, and more. Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) adhesive labels are particularly useful in chemical applications.

Learn more about the BOPP labels used in the chemical industry, including the DOT label regulations associated with their use.


BOPP Labels in Chemical Applications

BOPP is a thermoplastic polymer that has been stretched in two directions, which improves its clarity, strength, and ability to be printed. BOPP material is commonly used for stickers and labels in harsh chemical applications because the material can withstand high temperatures, water, and chemicals without becoming cloudy or degrading.

Chemical industry warning labelsChemicals that BOPP labels can withstand include alkalis, acids, oils, and solvents. For these reasons, BOPP labels are often used to:

  • Label chemical bottles and drums
  • Seal bags containing chemical granules
  • Seal and secure chemical storage containers and tanks
  • Masking surfaces during chemical processing

Versatile and resilient, BOPP labels are available with a white, clear, metallic, or removable finish. They can be made in custom sizes and shapes for specialized applications.

DOT Regulations for BOPP Labels and Other Tapes in the Chemical Industry

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has strict regulations concerning the transport and storage of hazardous materials such as those used in the chemical industry. Included in these regulations are guidelines on labeling and packaging these types of substances. BOPP labels must comply with DOT regulations to be used in storage and transportation.

If used as a hazard warning, the BOPP label must be diamond-shaped and measure at least 100 mm on each side. There must also be a solid line inner border between 5.0 mm and 6.3 mm from the edge of the label. Certain colors and designs must be used for certain types of hazardous substances, and the packaging must meet specific puncture resistance and strength requirements.

These regulations aid in the safe transportation and storage of hazardous materials while protecting those who may come into contact with them.

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