1073D Tyvek® is made of polyethylene fibers randomly laid and compressed. The result is a material that is strong, lightweight, flexible, smooth, low linting, opaque, and resistant to water, chemical abrasion, and aging. This unique combination of properties makes it ideal for a broad range of printing and converting applications where durability is of prime importance. All graphic styles of Tyvek® tape have been certified by RIT to run on HP Indigo rollfeed presses. No coating is required to obtain high-quality results.

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Benefits of Using TYVEK®

There are numerous benefits to using Tyvek adhesive tapes for your parts and products. For example:

  • It is printable. Tyvek can be printed on using a variety of traditional and digital methods, including offset, flexographic, screen, UV inkjet, thermal transfer, and more.
  • It is recyclable. Sustainability is a growing concern for brands across virtually every industry. As a result, more and more companies are opting for recyclable materials when possible. Tyvek is 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly material option.
  • It is durable. Tyvek can withstand a significant amount of wear. It can be laminated, stapled, glued, and folded without incurring damage, making it compatible with various different manufacturing methods. It is also resistant to damage and degradation from UV, water, chemicals, tears, and punctures.
  • It is lightweight. Tyvek has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, which means it can be used for applications that require a high-strength but low-weight material.
  • It is resistant to penetration. Tyvek has a continuous fiber design that provides it with inherent penetration resistance against microbes, mold, fiberglass, lead, and other potentially hazardous materials.

Common Applications of TYVEK®

Given its many advantageous properties, Tyvek is used for countless parts and products for a wide range of industries and applications. Examples of typical use cases include:

  • Building envelopes
  • Cargo covers
  • Controlled environment apparel
  • Envelopes
  • Graphics products
  • Industrial packaging
  • Protective apparel
  • Sterile packaging

Custom TYVEK® Solutions at NADCO

NADCO provides high-quality tape and label solutions to customers across a diverse set of industries. We maintain a broad selection of capabilities, including graphic design, die cutting, prototyping, digital printing, and more. This enables us to provide a convenient one-stop shopping experience that saves our customers time and money while ensuring that their needs are perfectly understood and fulfilled.

One of the key advantages of working with us is our custom capabilities. Rather than providing stock parts and products, we will work closely with you to develop a solution that fits the unique requirements and restrictions of your project. Once we have created a design that your team approves, we will create it in-house. This process eliminates the risk of miscommunication between designer and producer and ensures that we are continually able to provide products and services of the highest caliber.

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Have an upcoming project that involves Tyvek tape? Partner with the experts at NADCO! We will help you design and create a custom solution that meets your exact specifications and standards. For additional information about our Tyvek tape capabilities and how they can benefit your project, contact us or request a quote today.