Custom Printed Pressure Sensitive Labels

NADCO® Tapes & Labels, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom printed pressure sensitive labels suitable for a variety of industries and applications. Custom Printed Pressure Sensitive Labels are ideal for product identification, branding, decoration, safety and informational purposes, and many other uses. We have several different printing methods available to meet your deadline, quantity, and cost needs, including flexographic printing, 4-color process, spot printing (up to 7 colors), and short-run digital printing. Nadco pressure sensitive labels provide the bold look, high quality, and full, secure adhesion needed for your products.

Pressure sensitive labels are made with an adhesive that responds to pressure. Since the adhesive does not need to be exposed to water or another solvent, they can be quickly applied to any surface with minimal effort. Their simplicity and versatility leave them well-suited to a wide range of consumer products, including water bottles, tapes, soup cans, and electronics. 

The Structure of pressure sensitive labels

A pressure sensitive label consists of several distinct layers. While end users usually see only the outermost layer, each serves an essential purpose in the manufacturing process. The surface of a pressure sensitive label is made with a sheet of paper or film that conveys information or image to the consumer. Usually referred to as the face stock, it can be finished with a laminated coat to enhance its appearance.
The actual adhesive used to attach the face stock to a product is positioned between the face stock and the liner, the foundation on which the label initially printed. The liner itself is covered in a thin substance called the release coating, which enables users to neatly remove the face stock from the liner.

The Benefits of pressure sensitive labels

Pressure sensitive labels offer a host of advantages over labels backed by other adhesives. Some of their benefits include:

  • Convenience

Many labels cannot be applied to an object until they are treated with a glue or a paste. In contrast, a pressure sensitive label can be removed from the lining immediately and placed on the object, since it already features an adhesive.

  • Variety

Pressure sensitive labels can be made with a variety of adhesives, offering users a much greater degree of flexibility. A manufacturer of frozen foods, for example, can invest in cold-resistant labels to ensure that their packaging remains intact in freezers.

  • Adaptability

Pressure sensitive labels are often printed on rolls to facilitate application. With an appropriate applicator on hand, users can completely automate labeling, further streamlining the manufacturing process.

  • Efficiency

Because of their simple yet intricate structure, pressure sensitive labels can be mass produced and applied with ease. As a result, they are a highly cost-effective investment for any manufacturer that produces in bulk.

The NADCO Difference

As recognized leaders in the labeling industry, NADCO® has mastered the science of pressure sensitive labeling. Our products have consistently proven to be the finest on the market, offering unmatched style and durability in any application.
NADCO specializes in customized solutions to labeling challenges. We offer a suite of services aside from manufacturing and printing pressure sensitive labels, including label die-cutting, slitting, converting, and design services. Backed by the latest printing technology and an experienced team of technicians, we’re able to produce labels on any scale, from digital label prototyping to full print runs.
Our labels can be made with a number of materials, including foil, paper, foam, and vinyl. At every stage of manufacturing, our design team is on hand to assist you however it can. Whether you need to adjust its tensile strength or removability, we’re able to tailor every aspect of your label to your specifications.
At NADCO, we’re committed to making your ideas and concepts a reality. Contact us to discuss all the services that we can offer or request a quote from our website to explore working with us.

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