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3 Major Benefits of sticking with a Full-Service Adhesives Manufacturer

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The process of manufacturing custom adhesives, such as tapes and labels, usually consists of several carefully planned operations. Graphic designs, printing, die cutting, and prototyping may all be activities that need to be coordinated for the successful design of an adhesive product.

Unfortunately, conventional tape and label design have traditionally involved using several players to meet the varying needs of an already complicated process. This has the potential to throw off the project schedule, which can ultimately cascade into compounding delays and budget creep. Additionally, the involvement of these middlemen can also result in inconsistent quality and other issues as the product moves from one hand to another.

To mitigate the occurrence of these problems, companies are now turning to full-service adhesive manufacturers to handle all tape and label making needs in one location. Listed below are some of the primary benefits of working with one-stop adhesive manufacturers.

Reduced Lead-Times

The more stakeholders involved in an adhesive manufacturing project, the more inefficient the process becomes. Inefficient processes with too many parties inevitably result in increased lead times. Each additional entity involved in the manufacturing process creates multiple new lines of communication. Furthermore, delays from one player in the supply chain can have a domino effect, resulting in additional delays.

Working with a full-service provider not only reduces the number of lines of communication, but it also streamlines the manufacturing process by reducing the amount of touches involved in the manufacture of the adhesive product.

Enhanced Custom Capabilities

Enhanced Custom

Full-service adhesive manufacturers have better in-house communication, resulting in more enhanced customization capabilities. Multiple lines of communication caused by the involvement of additional persons and companies can impede effective overall communication strategies and lead to loss of essential customization information. Additionally, the more parties involved, the slower the rate of communication, and the more difficult it is to effect design changes to the product.

Consistency of Service and Quality

Another significant issue with multi-vendor outsourcing in the manufacture of adhesive products is quality and consistency. Different manufacturers follow different quality standards and, as such, do not produce the same quality of work.

Conversely, full-service adhesive manufacturers handle all production processes from concept to completion. This gives them the ability to follow a single quality standard and allows for better oversight and implementation of those standards on the final product.

The NADCO Difference

NADCO is a one-stop solutions provider for all your tape and label manufacturing needs. Our broad range of services—from graphic designing, digital printing, die cutting, prototyping, and more—helps to simplify our client’s supply chain and streamlines the entire manufacturing process. These benefits, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, allow us to provide highly customizable adhesive solutions manufactured to the highest-quality – all with relatively short lead times.

Identifying the best adhesives manufacturer for your application can help reduce costs, save time, and optimize the effectiveness of your tapes and labels.

Contact us here or give us a call at 800-839-9018 to learn more about how the experts at NADCO can provide you with end-to-end adhesive, tape, and label solutions.


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Are you Choosing the Right Adhesive Materials for Your Application?

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Adhesive materials vary across different industries and applications. When you’re deciding on the right one to deliver optimal performance, you must think about numerous factors, such as contamination due to UV rays, moisture and water, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and vibrations. Here are a few ways to narrow down the options.

Make a Checklist

Potential manufacturers will ask a few questions about your adhesive needs. Compose a checklist ahead of time to ensure you’re correctly servicing the application. A few questions to prepare include:

  • What materials do you want to bond?
  • What types of stress will be exerted on the adhesive?
  • What environmental resistance is necessary?
  • What are the dimensions of the bonding area?
  • What is the end use application of the product?
  • Must it meet any reliability or quality requirements?
  • What is the surface type of the material to which it’s being bonded?

Evaluate Different Materials

Evaluate Different Materials

Various material solutions present unique characteristics and benefits for each application. Evaluate each of these and examine how they suit your needs. Some material examples include foam tapes, foil tapes, and paper tapes.

Foam Tapes
Foam tapes often include an acrylic, rubber based, or non-adhesive backing and can have an extra aluminum layer to maximize protection. Material options include polyethylene (polyfoam) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They are ideal for any application involving irregular and textured surfaces, gasketing and sound dampening.

Foil Tapes
Foil tapes are common for projects that demand sustained durability and resistance to the environment due to their high malleability and ability to adapt to irregular and uneven surfaces. Their versatile strength performs well in any application involving steaming, masking, and sealing.

Paper Tapes
Paper tapes are utilized for a range of industrial needs and possess numerous options such as printability, hand tear ability and removability. Paper tape is most commonly used in painting, packaging, mounting, and wound dressing and advertising.

Consult the Professionals

Ask an industry expert before deciding which adhesive is right for your application. An adhesive manufacturer with proven experience and expertise in cutting and converting tapes and labels will provide the best solution for your needs.

By consulting the correct industry leaders, you will increase your project’s efficiency. The process will run faster with an accelerated turnaround and have a reduced cost in a one-stop shop.

Follow the Steps

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll select an adhesive and design team that will perfectly suit your needs.

Contact our experts or call 800-839-9018 to learn more about how we can help you choose the optimal adhesive for an application.

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  • Building your checklist
  • Evaluating different materials
  • Consulting industry professionals
  • …and more

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