Custom Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes

Pressure sensitive tapes are designed to easily and safely serve a variety of needs, from sealing and packaging applications, to safety and directional indicator tapes. NADCO® Tapes & Labels, Inc. features pressure sensitive tapes in materials including paper, cloth, foils, foam, and more, all with full pressure sensitive adhesive backing for ease of application. Examples of our wide offering of products include:

Our pressure sensitive tapes are suitable for applications from light-duty sealing and adhesion, up to harsh industrial environments.

Fundamentals of Pressure Sensitive Tape

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes consist of an adhesive applied on one or both sides of a long strip of flexible material that is typically wound up into a roll. Double-coated PSA tapes have adhesives on both sides of the tape. The distinguishing characteristics of PSA tapes include:

  • Require only pressure for the adhesives to take effect; heat or solvents are not necessary to activate the adhesive.
  • Rubber, acrylic, and silicone are common adhesives. These adhesives do not go through a phase change from solid to liquid when pressure is applied.
    • Both natural and synthAdhesionetic rubbers are used depending upon the application. Synthetic rubber adhesives are more customizable than natural rubber adhesives.
    • Acrylic adhesives retain their properties better and longer than rubber adhesives. There are two types of acrylic adhesives: emulsion acrylic adhesives and solvent acrylic adhesives. Emulsion acrylic adhesives are water-based, so they are better for the environment than solvent acrylic adhesives. However, solvent acrylic adhesive is preferred for applications that require resistance to moisture.
    • Silicone adhesives are suitable for high-temperature applications. They are more expensive than other adhesives but preferred for siliconized surfaces.
  • They stick to a wide range of materials like paper, plastic, wood, and even metal
  • They can be used on flat or curved surfaces.

The most common materials used for creating pressure sensitive tapes are foil, Mylar, vinyl, and paper.

  • Foil is a suitable substrate for sealing, seaming, and masking tapes.
  • Mylar endures wide temperature fluctuations and bonds well with a variety of surfaces.
  • Vinyl is resistant to harsh environmental factors like heat, corrosive chemicals and bacteria.
  • Paper tapes are typical for common commercial and household applications.

The significant properties of adhesives used in PSA tapes include:

  • Adhesion causes dissimilar surfaces to stick to each other. The stronger the adhesion, the stronger the bond.
  • Cohesion causes similar particles to stay attached to each other. Higher cohesion improves the ability to resist dissipation.
  • Tack is the initial stickiness of the PSA tape before the pressure is applied to fully activate the adhesive. Stronger tack improves initial surface adhesion.

Pressure sensitive tapes are the most convenient way to prevent dangerous peeling, loosening, and excess glue in all sealing and adhesive applications. They are also ideal for industrial and commercial settings where a tight seal and ease of removal are equally important. Our high-quality pressure sensitive tapes are truly versatile across a wide range of industries and applications.

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UHB and VHB Tapes

Ultra-High Bonding (UHB) tapes are double-sided and used to facilitate long-lasting bonds. UHB tapes create bonds strong enough to rival the bonds from many mechanical fasteners. UHB tapes use acrylic foam as an adhesive, which needs about three days to set and form the maximum bond. UHB tapes can be used for both indoor and outdoor jobs. The acrylic adhesive’s composition can be adjusted during manufacturing to get the desired performance from it.

Very High Bonding (VHB) tapes use an acrylic polymer as an adhesive instead of the acrylic foam used in UHB tapes. VHB tapes also have no substrate to provide backing. Both UHB and VHB tapes are used for creating tough, permanent bonds that are as good as many mechanical fasteners. VHB tapes also take approximately three full days to form the maximum bond.

Industries that frequently rely on VHB and UHB tapes for strong long-term bonding include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Furniture making
  • Outdoor signs

VHB was first introduced in 1980 by the 3M Company. Since then it has been an invaluable aid in creating durable bonds for many metal and plastic surfaces. VHB tapes are tough enough to survive in harsh environments and can withstand shock and vibration. The permanent bonds created by UHB and VHB are so strong that special tools and techniques are necessary to remove them without damaging the bonded surfaces.

How NADCO Can Help

NADCO® Tapes & Labels Inc. can be your one-stop supplier for all PSA tape requirements. We supply a large assortment of pressure sensitive tapes for applications ranging from light-duty packing and sealing tapes to industrial strength tapes for challenging environments.

Examples of the PSA tapes we offer are:

  • Masking tapes and paper tapes for commercial or industrial painting
  • Carton sealing tapes for packaging operations
  • Reflective tapes and glow-in-the-dark tapes for safety applications
  • Nuclear tapes appropriate for hazardous environments within the nuclear power sector
  • Autoclave tapes for use in high-temperature steam autoclave sterilization processes
  • Splicing tapes with specially formulated silicone adhesive for high-temperature applications
  • Automotive tapes for use in the automotive industry, covering a variety of demanding bonding applications and a wide range of environmental conditions

It can be challenging to find the ideal pressure sensitive tape for a specific application. NADCO offers a downloadable eBook that will help our customers choose the right PSA tapes for their applications. Moreover, our experts are available for any consultation and guidance that you may require. In addition to high-quality custom tapes, NADCO also offers in-house services like digital printing, graphic designing, die cutting, and prototyping to ensure we provide a full end-to-end adhesive solution to our customers.

NADCO guarantees consistent quality on all our products and services. Our PSA tape product line covers the needs of a wide range of industries and applications. Our full-service manufacturing capabilities and efficient production processes ensure that our customers enjoy a minimal lead time for all their orders.

In addition to different materials and applications, NADCO pressure sensitive tapes are customizable in multiple ways, including:

  • Tensile strength
  • Removability
  • Temperature rating

Many of our tapes can be custom printed with text or logos as required, whether for branding or for safety and instructional purposes. We feature flexographic printing capabilities and color matching services to provide the boldest, crispest, and most cost-effective color and graphic effects possible—all at a reasonable cost to you.

Whatever the adhesive requirements of your application, NADCO has a product that can meet the challenge. Our pressure sensitive tape product line includes:

For help selecting an appropriate pressure sensitive tape for your application—or with questions about any of our other products and services—please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you already know the specifics of your project, feel free to request a quote.

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