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Why Are Tamper Evident Labels So Important?

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Product counterfeiting, tampering, and theft are persistent problems for many companies in nearly every industry. As a result, the demand for tamper-evident security products has grown significantly and will continue to increase as businesses look for ways to secure their products, packaging, and product warranties. Tamper evident labels are designed to secure the items they are applied to by serving as a visual deterrent against tampering, as well as providing visible evidence of tampering or attempted tampering.

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At NADCO, our tamper-evident products secure and protect a wide variety of items, ranging from high-value products to important documentation and more. After applying a security label, any attempted tampering with a product will be clearly visible. We supply a variety of tamper-evident features that vary according to product label needs.

What Are the Rules and Regulations With Tamper Evident Labels?

According to FDA regulations, tamper-evident packaging must have one or more barriers to entry or indicators that tampering has occurred. This packaging must provide consumers with visible evidence that tampering has occurred. Additionally, the FDA requires tamper-evident labels to feature a distinctive design and unique composition so that consumers can be confident they are authentic and not false duplicates. Creating a distinctive label is achieved in a number of ways. For example, using materials or printing that aren’t easily copied, and choosing design features that leave visible evidence of tampering.

Is There a Difference Between Tamper Evident and Food Sealing?

The key difference between tamper-evident labels and food sealing labels is the presence of security slits. Tamper-evident labels feature small cuts on the front face of the label that tear apart when the package is opened or the label is removed. The small broken label pieces prevent the label from being reapplied and are clear evidence of tampering.

Food sealing labels, also referred to as food safety labels, do not feature these security slits. Food sealing labels keep boxes, bags, pouches, and other containers closed during delivery using a permanent adhesive. These adhesives also can be used to provide space for branding and custom messaging.

Why Should You Use Tamper Evident Packaging for Your Products?

tamper sealKeeping your products secure is an essential aspect of gaining customers’ trust and ensuring the longevity of your brand. Regardless of your industry, nearly all products on the market today are handled many times after packaging. The journey from your warehouse to the product’s placement in a retail store or delivery to the customer provides many opportunities for tampering or theft to occur.

Adding tamper-evident labels demonstrates your concern for your customers’ well-being and can help you build customer loyalty. These labels also ensure that anyone planning to harm others won’t be able to use your products as a means to do so. In addition to deterring tragedies like this from occurring, tamper-evident packaging prevents the loss of revenue while your products are handled in retail environments.

Protect Your Products With NADCO

Including a tamper-evident label on your products is a simple way to ensure they arrive in your customer’s hands in the same condition in which they were produced. Additionally, there are more counterfeit products on the market than ever before, making it challenging for consumers to be confident they have an authentic product. Tamper-evident labels build trust and can increase customer satisfaction with your product.

At NADCO, we develop customized tapes and labels for a range of applications. Our experts can work with you to create personalized tamper-evident labels that are effective, attractive, and match your brand image. If you have questions about the specific tamper-evident technology we use or our product selection, contact us. When you’re ready to develop a solution, request a quote.