Strong adhesive tapes are used throughout the retail industry, from product displays to signs and price tags. Retailers rely on both standard and custom adhesive solutions to attract customers, share information, secure bags, and even direct foot traffic through a store, while manufacturers require creative packaging and labeling for the product itself and shipping purposes.

custom adhesive solutions

Whatever your adhesive needs, it’s important to partner with a company that has the experience and capabilities to consistently provide on-time delivery of high-quality foam and paper tapes, hang tabs, labels, and more.

What Are the Common Adhesive Tapes Used in the Retail Industry?

There are many tapes to choose from, but these are some of the most common options for retail applications:

  • Foam Tapes:Ideal for signs and displays, foam mounting tapes offer top-level, long-lasting performance. Double-coated foam tapes adhere immediately to a variety of irregular surfaces for use throughout your building.
  • Paper Tapes:With high tensile strength, paper tapes can be customized with printing; design your tapes with your company name, logo, product or store information, or anything else. They’re lightweight and removable, making them a go-to choice for sealing or securing a package, color coding, marking, and more.
  • Directional Flow Tapes:Made according to OSHA/ANSI standards, these strong adhesive tapes feature arrows that indicate the direction of flow of a fluid or gas through a pipe. The liner and over-lamination help protect the tape from extreme heat, cold, and other harsh industrial conditions for a long-lasting solution.
  • Social Distancing Tapes:Colorful patterns make these tapes easy to identify, and they can be used on floors, walls, equipment, shelves, and more. Creating a visual boundary helps your customers and employees maintain the recommended social distance, and you can use it to help direct the flow of traffic through the store.

Making your selection, and customizing it to fit your needs, will depend on your budget, color preferences or requirements, level of durability, whether the tape is meant to be permanent or removable, whether you need it to have special qualities like resistance to UV light or moisture, and more.

What Are Some Key Retail Applications for Adhesive Tapes?

Adhesive tapes have a variety of applications in the retail setting. Currently, social distancing tapes are widely used to help businesses create a safe environment for customers and employees alike. Use social distancing tape to help everyone stay at least six feet apart while entering and exiting the store, walking down aisles, or waiting in line. Directional flow tapes also serve a purpose here—put them on the walls, counters, shelves, and doors to direct foot traffic through the store. The qualities that serve these tapes well in an industrial setting also help them stand up to the wear and tear of foot traffic and regular cleaning.

You can also find tapes in your favorite grocery stores, department stores, and other shops. Adhesives have a long history of use within the retail setting, including:

  • Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Hang Tabs
  • Refrigerator and Freezer Displays
  • Price Labels
  • Signage / Graphic Displays

Choosing an Optimal Supplier With NADCO

With decades of experience behind us, NADCO specializes in custom adhesive solutions for our clients in a number of industries, including retail, medical, and personal protective equipment. When you partner with us, you enjoy reduced lead times, a consistent high level of quality, around-the-clock customer support, and custom capabilities for orders large and small. We’re also proud to be Florida’s first LEED Silver Certified manufacturer.

We support our customers with a range of additional services:

We work closely with you to customize your order, or to create something entirely new for your specific purposes. If you can imagine it, NADCO will make it stick. Our dedicated customer care team is with you throughout the process, ready to answer your questions as you consider your many options and place an order. Contact us to learn more about using foam tapes, paper tapes, and other adhesive solutions in your retail store or for packaging and shipping your products.