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Why Should You Consider a Reshoring Initiative?

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Over the years, many companies offshored their manufacturing operations to take advantage of lower materials and labor costs. That decision was never without risk, and those risks came to light during COVID-19.

One survey by Everstream (formerly Resilience360) found that 98 percent of global supply chains suffered during the pandemic. Consumers and essential workers faced shortages of everything from personal protective equipment to toilet paper, pharmaceuticals and semiconductors to bread and flour. Supply chain interruptions and delays led to long waits and higher costs, and it has made many companies rethink their offshoring practices.

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Reshoring initiatives have been gaining steam over the last few years, but the pandemic accelerated them. Manufacturers are looking to onshore their operations to improve supply chain management and quality control, lower transportation costs, eliminate import tariffs, and reduce their carbon footprint.

What Are We Seeing in 2021 With Reshoring?

The 2020 Data Report by the Reshoring Initiative indicated a rise in reshoring, which is expected to continue well into this year and beyond. The benefits are enormous: with 83 percent of manufacturers in North America now “likely” or “extremely likely” to reshore, it could boost the economy by $443 billion if those manufacturers each add just one domestic supplier to their contracts.

The process could provide thousands or even millions of jobs for Americans—there are still about five million manufacturing jobs located offshore. Bringing some or all of them back to the United States could reduce the trade deficit, boost the economy, and support the local communities where these facilities will be located.

What Are the Key Benefits of Reshoring Your Supply Chain?

Bringing your manufacturing operations and supply chain closer to home offers a number of benefits for your company, your customers, your community, and the national economy:

Quality Control

It’s hard to oversee daily operations when they’re half a world away, and often operating under different restrictions and quality standards. This becomes especially important for critical industries like healthcare, automotive and aerospace, military, and technology, where lesser quality products can put people’s lives in danger. When your supply chain is in the same part of the world as you are, you can keep a better eye on what’s happening, and you can make changes more quickly if you notice an error.

Streamlined Logistics

Because offshore manufacturing requires finished products to spend a long time in transit, it’s hard to make revisions when you notice an error. By the time you see a mistake, you already have another shipment in route. Furthermore, long shipping routes feature more opportunities for delays and lost products.

Skilled Workforce

Bringing more jobs back to the U.S. gives companies an opportunity to take advantage of a highly skilled and motivated workforce while further developing these workers and giving them the space to innovate. When a manufacturing company is the keystone of a community, it brings the entire community together and develops loyalty and commitment among the employees.

Avoiding Complicated Taxes and Tariffs

There’s a lot of uncertainty around current and future trade deals, and global relationships are rarely simple. High tariffs hurt your company and your customers, and they’re probably not going to disappear any time soon.

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