Vinyl Labels

When ordering custom labels for outdoor applications or other situations exposed to harsh conditions, it’s important to select the right material. Labels can be constructed from a wide variety of materials, but vinyl labels have proven to be an excellent choice when durability is needed.

Besides excellent resistance to challenging environmental conditions, vinyl material possesses numerous desirable characteristics, including flexibility and versatility. It’s also perfect for die-cutting and can be applied to nearly any surface. At NADCO, we can provide a variety of weatherproof vinyl labels designed to hold up in demanding environments.

Benefits of Vinyl Labels

Vinyl labels offer several advantages that make them a popular choice across several industries. These advantages include:

  • Durability. One of the main benefits of using vinyl labels is their durability. Their ability to resist water, abrasion, UV sun rays, temperature fluctuations, oil, and chemicals makes them a great choice for outdoor use and other harsh environments. Their durability also enables them to hold up well during rough handling and transit.
  • Easily removed. Vinyl labels are easy to remove in one piece as opposed to paper labels which have a higher chance of tearing when removed.
  • They are fade-resistant. Their ability to resist UV sun rays prevents fading, helping to maintain the printed image quality for extended periods. 
  • Long-sticking power to nearly any surface. Vinyl labels can adhere to nearly any material, including plastic, glass, metal, and objects with contoured surfaces. Once applied, the adhesive won’t peel up from the surface, even when faced with harsh climate conditions.
  • Cost-effective. Vinyl labels are a better option than standard paper labels without the increased prices of high-end premium film stocks and paper.
  • Customizable colors and soft to the touch. Vinyl labels are thick and durable with a “soft touch.” These labels can also be custom printed in a variety of colors with increased vibrancy compared to paper labels.

Applications of Vinyl Labels

Flammable hazard labelVinyl labels are best suited for indoor and outdoor applications exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Their durability ensures your designs and text will remain unharmed and intact for a long time.

Because of their many desirable properties, vinyl labels are used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Safety signage
  • Beaker and dropper bottle labels
  • Outdoor work and equipment labels
  • Barrel and drum labels
  • Fridge/freezer container labels
  • Industrial chemical labels
  • Marine equipment and other waterproof applications
  • Lab labels
  • Identification signage for fire exits, construction sites, and equipment operation
  • Labels for boats and tenders
  • Posters and banners
  • Inventory control
  • Barcode labels
  • Asset tracking

Vinyl Label Shapes, Sizes, and Colors

Propane tank caution labelsApplications requiring vinyl labels are typically exposed to harsh environments, and the labels are most often used to deliver specific information rather than for decorating the product. Because of this, the majority of vinyl labels are white, especially if they are displaying barcodes. However, NADCO can print vinyl labels in nearly any color you want. 

To meet your particular needs, vinyl labels from NADCO are available in small, large, and custom sizes. They can also be printed in a variety of standard or complex shapes, including squares, rectangles, ovals, circles, hexagons, arrows, and more.

Specialty Vinyl Labels at NADCOCaution labels

In addition to our standard vinyl labels, NADCO offers specialty vinyl label options, including glow-in-the-dark and reflective vinyl labels. We also offer ASV or anti-slip vinyl, which features a thick, bumpy texture for anti-slip properties. With these along with our standard vinyl offerings, NADCO can deliver vinyl labels that can increase safety in a range of working environments.

Request A Quote for Vinyl Labels

Vinyl labels offer a durable, versatile solution for displaying important information in applications exposed to harsh conditions. Whether you require chemical labels, safety signage, barcode labels, or otherwise, the experts at NADCO are here to deliver a custom vinyl label solution for your needs. For more information about our vinyl label capabilities, or to get started on your custom labels, contact us or request a quote today.