Digital Variable Data Printing

What is Digital Variable Data Printing?

Digital variable data printing (VDP), also called variable imaging (VI) or variable information printing (VIP), is a type of digital printing that allows you to change specific elements on your printed materials, like text or graphics, to customize each piece. This on-demand printing is much faster than creating a new design for each item because it pulls information automatically from a database or an external file. It’s commonly used for direct marketing, advertising, barcoding and inventory management. It can also be used to print different addresses on brochures, self-mailers, and postcard campaigns.

By harnessing computer databases, digital print devices, and highly effective software, digital VDP can create high-quality, full-color labels and tapes with different elements such as unique barcodes, consecutive numbering, and other various information, all in-line on a finished roll or sheet.

How Does Digital Variable Data Printing Work?

digital variable data printing

To start with, you need a design that defines permanent elements and variable fields for the pieces being printed. The permanent elements will stay the same on each piece, whereas the variable fields will be filled with images or text dictated by your company’s needs.

Digital printing technology is similar to inkjet printer technology, using dots of ink to recreate images from digital files. A computerized system allows the operator to tell the press what pieces of variable information are needed, and digital label press servers can store extensive amounts of information, providing customers with more options and flexibility with their labels. Digital printing offers an effective and efficient solution for a variety of applications including:

  • Consecutive Numbering
  • Direct marketing campaigns
  • Promotional labels with personalized text and images
  • QR Codes
  • Product ID Labeling
  • Country of origin labeling
  • Date labeling
  • Inventory Control Labeling

Digital variable data printing is a different process than simply printing multiple designs. The whole purpose of digital VDP is to speed up the design and printing process while still being able to customize each item with the variable data. It uses the same layout and basic design and fills in the holes with unique text or images.

Why Choose NADCO Digital Variable Data Printing for Your Next Job?

digital variable data printingAt NADCO, we’re proud to offer digital variable data printing, and we’re currently upgrading our hardware and software to better serve you. If a company is using outdated equipment, digital VDP is fairly time-consuming; by investing in the latest technology, we’re able to manage larger orders with faster turnarounds.

While we’ve long been recognized as an industry leader for customized tapes and labels, we remain the best-kept secret in the labeling industry because of our extensive capabilities, including digital VDP. Our custom labeling capabilities include company logos, customized text, and so much more.

Digital Variable Data Printing for Your Next Project

Digital variable data printing is a simple, cost-effective way to change specific elements on printed materials such as tape, postcards, labels, and more. By using information from a database or external file, VDP can change texts, graphics, barcodes and images from one printed piece to the next without slowing down or stopping the printing process.

For decades, NADCO has been a leading manufacturer of tapes and labels. With our digital VDP services, we can deliver high-quality printed materials that meet your specifications with custom logos, text, and more. To learn more about our digital variable data printing capabilities, contact us today.