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Why Foil Tapes Are a Must-Have for Aerospace Adhesive Applications

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Adhesive foil tapes are versatile products that are useful for aerospace manufacturers in many different ways. A wide range of foil tapes exist, all of which can seal systems while resisting corrosion caused by chemicals, moisture, heat, or combinations thereof.

Finding foil tape made from the most optimal material for your use is essential to maximizing your efficiency. With the properties that foil tapes possess, they’re an essential material to use in a variety of aerospace adhesive applications.

How Can Foil Tapes Help?

In the aerospace industry, common applications for foil tape include:

How Can Foil Tapes Help?
  • Aircraft storage: Foil tapes help protect your application from outside elements, including UV light and moisture, during both storage and flight
  • Electrical conductivity: Copper tape has a low rate of resistance, which allows it to assist in the protection of electrical systems
  • High heat: Lead tape is highly heat resistant, which enables it to protect against flames and other high-temperature threats

Which Foil Tape Material Is Right for Me?

Each type of foil tape has different uses and properties that allow it to perform well in different environments. One commonality among all four types of foil tape is that they’re useful for applications in the aerospace industry.

Foil tapes tend to come in one of four forms, which are described below:

  • Aluminum tape is lighter and has a longer shelf life than other types of foil tape. This tape resists corrosion caused by moisture, weather, UV radiation, and chemicals. Because of these properties, its most common uses include masking aircraft parts to protect and defend them from harsh elements and environmental conditions.
  • Stainless steel tape is a non-corrosive and stable metal material. It provides an additional layer of protection for stainless steel surfaces that might be damaged by heat, physical impact, and corrosion. Stainless steel foil tape is also commonly utilized in food processing, marine, and nuclear applications because of its long-lasting adhesion and resistance to degradation.
  • Copper tape’s low rate of resistance makes it useful for helping with projects that involve the conduction of electricity, such as wrapping cables. Copper tape bonds with challenging surfaces, including low–surface energy substrates. Its high tensile copper foil makes it highly malleable.
  • Lead tape consists of either a rubber or acrylic adhesive. Its properties make it ideal for use in radioactive protection or under high-temperature conditions. It bonds well to a number of surfaces, including most metals. It can be die-cut into specific shapes for assembly and manufacturing processes.

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How Can Foil Tapes Help?

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