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Why You Should Use Anti-Slip Tapes?


Slips, trips, and falls are common accidents that occur across a variety of industries caused by factors such as wet areas, freshly cleaned surfaces, or uneven elevations. These incidences can lead to fractures, concussions, sprains, strains, cuts, and bruises, impacting workers’ performance and leading to possible downtime. To mitigate these risks and maintain workplace safety, companies can implement anti-slip tape in both indoor and outdoor areas.

What Are Anti-Slip Tapes?

Also called traction or non-skid tape, anti-slip tapes increase friction between a person’s shoe and the ground’s surface. Strong adhesive tapes are backed with a permanent fixative to keep them in place in even challenging environments. They provide an extremely durable safety measure for secure footing in a variety of situations.

Businesses have discovered that adding anti-slip tapes in their retail and industrial locations is a wise investment as it can prevent expensive accidents in the future. It can also attract attention to a risky situation and alert people to walk with caution.

What Are Common Industry Applications for Anti Slip Tapes?

Anti-slip tapes are useful in a variety of industries and settings. Various workplaces utilize this safety tape, including manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hospitals, and schools. Common applications include:

  • Building entrances. Anti-slip tapes add an extra layer of protection for those entering from wet or rainy conditions. They are often used in
  • anti slip tape retail shops, hotels, restaurants, and many others.
  • They protect against slips on pedestrian walkways and garage surfaces due to water runoff, dripped, oil, mud, or other debris from cars.
  • Kitchen/food service. Slip and fall injuries are common in kitchens and dining areas where food, beverages, oils, or other liquids can spill. Additionally, floor drains can stop up, or pipes under sinks can leak, adding additional risk. Placing anti-slip tapes around the workspace can prevent injuries caused by slick surfaces.
  • Loading docks. High traffic areas like loading docks, ledges, and ramps can become slippery when wet, particularly when moving heavy loads.
  • Manufacturing floors. From food processing to woodcutting facilities, anti-slip tape can prevent falls from wet or dry debris. It is essential to evaluate the various areas in the facility that could present fall risks.
  • Anti-slip tape adds extra traction for uneven elevations that are made even riskier for employees or visitors when wet.
  • Anti-slip tapes on staircases prevent falls and associated injuries.

What Are Some Key Benefits of Anti Slip Tapes?

Anti-slip tapes provide many benefits. They increase bonding and cushioning between the bottom of a shoe or boot and a walking surface. Having noticeable, brightly patterned tape is crucial for attracting awareness to zones that could be prone to tripping or slipping. There are even glow-in-the-dark anti-slip tapes to increase safety and awareness in dark areas.

Other benefits of anti-slip tapes include:

  • They are easy to apply to virtually any surface.
  • These tapes have a heavy-duty adhesive to increase longevity.
  • They are resilient enough for high-traffic areas.
  • Anti-slip tapes work for indoor and outdoor uses.
  • They are resistant to water and chemicals.
  • Glow capabilities for low light situations provide protection where other tapes would not.
  • They meet OSHA standards.
  • They can be customized.

Custom Tape From NADCO

Slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common causes of injuries, costing businesses billions each year. However, these types of incidences are easily preventable with the use of traction tapes. Non-skid tape from NADCO can be customized to the area, use, and industry.

Whether you want to call attention to zones that require extra care when navigating or add a hidden layer of safety in areas that are slick, wet, or uneven, we have the tape you need. Please contact us today for questions or to learn more about our products and capabilities.