Custom Printed Tapes & Labels

Custom Printed Tapes and Labels

NADCO supplies one-stop solutions for a variety of industrial labels, safety decals, and customized stickers for manufacturing, advertising, or recreation. We also provide graphic designing, digital printing, die cutting, prototyping, and more.

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Advantages of working with NADCO

  • Superior custom capabilities: We handle our designs in-house, working directly with clients to develop custom solutions that match their specifications
  • Reduced lead times: Our full-service manufacturing line ensures that we don’t lose time waiting on parts from other facilities, creating efficient production processes and boosting our accountability
  • Consistent quality and service: NADCO’s custom-designed products guarantee that nothing gets lost in translation between vendors, allowing us to maintain the same level of quality and service every time you work with us

Pressure Sensitive Tapes and Labels

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Tape

Pressure sensitive adhesive tape consists of a continuously flexible strip, typically on a roll, lined with permanently tacky adhesive on one side. PSA tape adheres to a broad range of surfaces, requiring only light finger pressure to create a lasting bond.

Common constructions of PSA tape include cloth, paper, metal, or plastic with coating on one or both sides. PSA tape can also incorporate a blend of natural or synthetic rubber and resin as well as silicone, acrylic, or other polymer systems that may or may not contain additives.

Four common types of PSA tapes and their applications include:

  • Single-coated tape: For electrical, masking, carton sealing, and medical use
  • Double-coated tape: For mounting, medical use, and membrane switches
  • Reinforced tape: Duct tape and filament tapes
  • Unsupported tape: For envelope sealing, graphic attachment, and splicing

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are custom labels with an adhesive that responds to pressure without the need to apply water or other solvents. Workers can apply pressure sensitive labels to any surface with little effort, making them well suited for a broad range of consumer products.

Although end users only see the printed layer, pressure-sensitive labels actually consist of many layers, with each layer serving a specific purpose in the manufacturing process. Pressure-sensitive labels include a face-stock or printed layer, the adhesive layer, and a liner. The liner includes a release coating, which allows workers to remove the face stock and adhesive and apply the label to the product.

How to Make Pressure-Sensitive Labels and Tapes

Some of the most common materials used in designing pressure-sensitive tapes and labels include:

  • Foil: Foil’s strength and versatility render it ideal for seaming, masking, and sealing tapes. Foil tapes resist weather, bend easily, and conform to irregular or uneven surfaces.
  • Mylar: Mylar bonds well with a variety of challenging surfaces, creating adhesion that lasts for the product’s lifetime. Mylar consists of bright brushed silver polyester and has excellent dimensional stability, consistent surface smoothness, and endurance to varying temperatures.
  • Vinyl: Perfect for labeling or striping, vinyl resists heat, bacteria, and corrosives, and it meets OSHA requirements. It can include ink-receptive coating and write-on capabilities.
  • Paper subhead: Paper meets the widest variety of industrial applications. Paper tapes come in numerous forms, allowing you to customize its printability, tensile strength, removability, and more.

Advantages of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes and Labels

Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and labels use thinner, lighter materials and form bonds with a wide range of surfaces, reducing assembly time for your final product. They provide uniform thickness and gap-filling characteristics while also insulating against noise and vibration. Using pressure sensitive tapes and labels also eliminates the need for mechanical fastenings or surface refinishing.

What are the Advantages of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes?

Some more specific advantages of pressure-sensitive tapes include:

  • Flexibility: Pressure sensitive tapes are quicker, safer, and less obtrusive than other fastening solutions, allowing greater flexibility in packaging without obscuring branding
  • Instant bonding: Pressure sensitive tapes bond with materials without requiring curing time or the use of additional solvents
  • Variety of applications: PSA tape works with a wide range of packaging options

What are the Advantages of Pressure-Sensitive Labels?

Pressure-sensitive labels also have some product-specific advantages that include:

  • Convenience: Pressure sensitive labels can be removed from the liner and applied directly to the product without the addition of water or other solvents
  • Variety: The wide range of customization options for pressure-sensitive labels ensures that you can find custom labels for any need
  • Adaptability: Pressure sensitive labels’ malleability means that you can adapt them to a variety of applications
  • Efficiency: Due to their simplicity, pressure sensitive labels can be mass produced with ease, providing cost-effective and efficient labeling outcomes

Stick with NADCO for Your Adhesive Needs!

NADCO provides high-quality, pressure sensitive tapes and labels along with additional full-service graphic designing, digital printing, die cutting, prototyping, and more.

We’re eager to help design your next custom printed tape or label. Contact us directly or request a quote today! 

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