Why You Should be Utilizing Tamper-Evident Labels

Tamper-Evident Labels
Tamper-evident labels show signs when someone has tried to open or tamper with a product. These labels or seals contain features that make it impossible to remove or peel up the material without damaging it in an obvious way. Effective tamper-evident labels must not separate easily from the product’s container and are often designed to split or separate after any attempt to remove them. 

The FDA requires these labels to have a distinctive design and composition so that consumers know that the label they see is real and not a duplicate replacement. “Distinctive” may refer to what’s printed on the label, the material the label is made of (something that can’t be copied easily by whoever is trying to alter the product), and the features that leave visible evidence that the label has been breached.

Use Tamper-Evident Labels for Security and Safety

The need for tamper-evident labels arose for a variety of reasons, but most importantly to ensure the safety and security of products when they reach the end user. Whether the product is food, medication, or a piece of equipment, buyers want to be sure that what’s in the box is what was packed in the box.

Tamper-evident labels can’t be opened and then replaced. They leave visual evidence for the end user to see. Tamper-evident labels may use a variety of methods, such as:

  • A printed message that sticks to the product when the label is removed, such as “void”
  • A pre-cut slit in the label that tears when attempting to remove the label
  • Fragile films that are guaranteed to tear because they can’t be removed in one piece

When it is impossible to alter the label without a clear sign, it becomes exceedingly difficult to tamper with the products inside of a package. An intact tamper-evident label shows the customer that your product is safe to use or consume, while any damage immediately tells the customer not to use the product and report the damaged label to the store or manufacturer.

Tamper-Evident Labels Maintain Brand Integrity

Tamper-evident labels ultimately help companies to preserve the integrity of their brands. Given that tamper-evident labels are difficult to manufacture and custom brand designs are even more difficult to reproduce, these labels ensure that counterfeiters or other brands cannot duplicate your label. Your brand will eventually become known for its strong, tamper-evident labeling and repeat customers will come to appreciate this verification of the integrity of the products they purchase from you.

Common Uses for Tamper-Evident Seals

Some of the most common uses for tamper-evident labels are in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Tampering with these products leads to food safety violations and potential danger, not to mention an economic loss if the customer doesn’t receive all of what they paid for. 

Potential use cases include:

  • Pharmacy/pharmaceutical. With an increase in the popularity of pharmacy deliveries and online pharmacies, tamper-evident medication labels help to verify product integrity and patient safety.
  • Restaurant delivery. With the rise of food delivery apps, food delivered from restaurants to customers has more touch points than ever before. A tamper-evident label ensures that food remains fresh and tamper-free in the hands of third-party deliverers.
  • Grocery delivery. Online grocery delivery is exploding in popularity. Tamper-evident labels on bags and cartons helps to ensure the integrity of items from packing to final delivery.
  • Critical shipments. Tamper-evident labels provide a simple, yet effective means of ensuring the integrity of high-value parcel shipments as they move through the various steps of the supply chain.  
  • Laundry soap. Many laundry soap manufacturers are turning to tamper-evident labels to make sure distributors or retailers don’t water down or otherwise alter their products.

Tamper-Evident Labels From NADCO

Tamper-evident labels and seals offer and a simple and effective means of securing products. NADCO can help you keep your products safe and secure with our void tapes and other tamper-evident products. 

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