Why You Should Be Using Reflective Tapes for Your Business

Reflective tape is a strong and durable adhesive that provides a great solution for clearly marking areas or objects. This pressure-sensitive, engineering grade tape is easy to see and stands up to adverse weather conditions such as heat and moisture. With new regulations requiring businesses to arrange their spaces to allow for social distancing, restaurants and bars can utilize reflective tape to differentiate between outdoor waiting and eating areas.


Key Benefits to Using Reflective Tapes For Your Business

There are many benefits of using reflective tapes for your restaurant or bar. You can add reflective tape to designate additional outdoor seating, or a parklet, in front of your business, creating a space for customers to sit and enjoy the surrounding neighborhood street life.

Since parklets and expanded outdoor seating are often placed in parking lots, it is important to use reflective tape to mark off those areas so that drivers know not to park or drive there. Using reflective tape on soft-hit posts is an ideal way to mark off pedestrian walkways in these areas, allowing for traffic control and increased visibility, especially at night.

Since all businesses are required to follow social distancing guidelines, reflective tape can mark where tables and chairs will go in outdoor seating areas as well indicate spots where customers will wait to be seated.

Reflective Tapes from NADCO

At NADCO, our reflective tapes are extremely durable and provide excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces. We offer three sheeting grades, including:

  • Regular. This acrylic prismatic reflective film is good on metal or painted metal surfaces and will last up to seven years through temperatures ranging from -10° F to +160° F. It’s available in white or red/white stripes and is commonly used on vehicles.
  • Engineer. This high gloss tape is pressure sensitive and is ideal for use on flat surfaces only and should not be used on unpainted stainless steel. Available in a variety of colors, engineer grade sheeting is ideal for permanent traffic signs.
  • High-Intensity. This grade of reflective tape is high gloss, pressure sensitive, and warranted for 10 years when properly applied on flat surfaces. Like engineer grade sheeting, it can withstand temperatures ranging from -40° F to 180° F. It’s available in a variety of colors, and its high reflectivity makes it suitable in a variety of demanding environments and applications.

These products are great for nighttime vehicle recognition, traffic signs, and other demanding traffic control situations where high visibility is crucial. Our selection of reflective tapes is guaranteed to meet your brightness requirements.

Let NADCO Be Your Reflective Tape Provider

If you own a restaurant or bar, reflective tapes are a simple, cost-effective solution for your social distancing efforts. NADCO has created custom tapes and labels for over two decades and prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our products.


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