Why Car Washes Should be Using NCWT1

NADCO moisture resistant masking tapeWhen a vehicle travels through a car wash there is a potential risk for the car to lose their rear windshield wiper. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided by simply taping the wiper down before entering the wash.

However, the car wash needs to be using a specific tape for this situation, and that tape is NCWT1. NCWT1 is a black, moisture-resistant masking tape that is inexpensive and a more efficient way to protect a customers’ vehicle from losing their windshield wiper.

Here are 5 more reasons to why your car wash should use NCWT1:


  1. NCWT1 is strong enough to hold down the windshield wiper. NCWT1 has a strong adhesive that will help the tape and the windshield wiper remain in place during the duration of the car wash.
  2. NCWT1 is moisture resistant. NCWT1 is waterproof, meaning that the tape will not lose its adhesiveness due to water or soap; this will help the tape to stay in place until removed at the end of the car wash.
  3. NCWT1 is safe for the car. NCWT1, although strong, it is not aggressive enough to damage the car’s paint or leave a residue after removal.
  4. NCWT1 is easy to remove. NCWT1’s lightweight paper material makes it easy to remove after use.
  5. Customers will appreciate the extra step. Customers notice when companies go the extra mile, and they will appreciate your company taking the precautions that protect their vehicles.

Visit NCWT1 (Moisture Resistant Masking Tape) to learn more.


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