The Origins Of Tape

NADCO Scotch Tape historyDid you know that the discovery of adhesive tape originated from tree sap? While the first use of tape didn’t appear until 1845, the adhesive substance that is commonly found in many tapes today dates back all the way to 4000 B.C where pots were made with the substance derived from tree sap.

However, it wasn’t until 1925 when the first official tape was invented by a man named Richard Drew. After overhearing several mechanics complaining about the tape they used, Richard experimented for over two years with adhesives and finally created the tape that we know today as “Scotch” tape. As for the reason it was called “Scotch” tape was because back in those days, “scotch” was slang for cheap. Many of the mechanics that Richard had contacted thought that he was very scotch with his tape and so Richard made a bold statement by naming it “Scotch” Tape.


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