The Integral Role of Tapes and Adhesives in Fighting COVID-19


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COVID-19 has necessitated implementing defensive strategies to keep not only ourselves but also others as safe as possible. One of the most essential preventive tactics is social distancing. Reducing airborne contamination is one of the keys to stopping the spread of coronavirus. However, it can be hard to visually judge safe distances and learn new habits without guidance.

Directional flow tapes are one way to help the public learn safe distances to prevent the spread of infection. Social distancing decals for COVID-19 can be used to mark spots to wait in lines and indicate entry and exit points. They are meant to be easily seen when placed on floors and allow safe, unimpeded movement with appropriate distancing.

How Tapes and Adhesives Have Helped During COVID-19

As the world tries to contain the spread of the virus, manufacturers have rallied to shift production to meet the emerging needs. Several innovative tape and adhesive products have been developed, which give retailers and essential businesses a way to provide goods and services while protecting their customers.

Social Distancing Tapes

Low-profile, brightly colored social distancing tape offers much-needed guidance when measured proximity is critical. It allows customers to see where the traffic pattern should flow as well as where to wait to maintain the recommended six-foot distances between others. The colors are eye-catching, and hazard stripes are a universal warning sign that doesn’t require wording to be understood. Businesses can customize the messaging to give more instruction for safe distancing.

Packaging/Shipping Products During COVID-19

There have been many shortages during the pandemic due to illness, stay-at-home orders, and the redistribution of materials used in critical personal protective equipment and medical supplies, including acrylic packing supplies. Shipping is more critical than ever for everything from household products to food to medical supplies. Hot melt tapes are helping to bridge the gap to make sure that packages stay sealed for sanitation and safety.

PPE/Construction Assembly

Many frontline workers and first responders are working without adequate protection, and specialty tapes and adhesives are needed to help supply the desperate PPE need. Unbroken seals must be maintained for protective devices to effectively prevent contamination and infection from entering between the soft materials and hard plastic. Tapes and adhesives are used to create clear face shields that prevent droplets from entering the eyes and mucous membranes. Depending on the type of material, they can also be used for other types of protective masks to provide a secure and comfortable fit.


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Key Benefits to Using Tapes and Adhesives to Fight COVID-19

NADCO social distancing decalKeeping essential workers and the rest of the population safe in public settings while preventing the further spread of the pandemic is top of mind in every industry. From warehouses to production facilities, gas stations to supermarkets, and government offices to medical facilities, the need for guidance, education, and messaging is urgent where people must be in the same space. There are many advantages of using tapes and adhesives in the fight against coronavirus:

  • They do not impede movement like physical barriers, yet the bright colors and markings are noticeable.
  • Low profile means low risk of tripping or falling while still providing explicit instruction for maintaining a safe distance.
  • They are an inexpensive way to provide signage and distancing guidance.
  • They are removable when needs change.
  • The messaging is customizable.
  • Keeping people reminded of a safe six-foot social distance reduces the likelihood of transmission and eases the strain on the healthcare system.

Tapes and Adhesives From NADCO

NADCO is an industry-leading specialist in the design, manufacture, and delivery of custom pressure-sensitive tapes and labels. We create our tapes using both liner and over-lamination products to stand up to heat, high traffic, and harsh conditions. Our directional flow arrow tape meets all OSHA/ANSI requirements. We can customize any of our products to meet your specifications.

Let Us Help You With Your COVID-19 Tape and Adhesive Supplies

It is going to take diligence, commitment, and constant education to eradicate the risk of infection from COVID-19. When people have no choice but to be around others, they must have clear messaging and guidance for maintaining safe distances while traversing retail stores, medical offices, and workplaces. NADCO is committed to helping you by providing a cost-efficient, high-visibility way to guide pedestrian traffic in your facility.

We want to help make your workplace safer for you, your employees, and your customers. For more information about our products, contact us today.


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