Key Tips to Ensure Your Business is Social Distance Friendly

NADCO Social Distancing DecalsBusinesses have always understood the importance of ensuring a safe environment for customers and employees, but in light of the pandemic, companies in all industries have new considerations when it comes to safety. Many have ramped up cleaning protocols and are doing their best to enforce social distancing, so they can continue to operate safely.

When it comes to social distancing for businesses, a simple way to help your customers and employees stay at least six feet apart is to mark the floor with tapes and adhesives and install instructional signage. You can outline the areas that are safe, highlight where to stand, indicate traffic flow directions, and more. In the age of COVID-19, adhesives are playing a big role in creating safe spaces.

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Use Ground Marking Tapes for Social Distancing

Placing adhesives six feet apart on the ground where people tend to line up or congregate is a clear way to indicate where people should stand to maintain their distance. You’ll see these marks in retail stores, bank lines, gym floors, outdoor recreational areas, and more. Don’t leave it up to someone’s best guess about what it means to follow social distancing.

These ground-marking tapes are inexpensive and incredibly easy to apply. By choosing high-quality tapes with adequate resistance, you can expect your marks to last for months. 3M™ 471 vinyl strips are an excellent choice for many reasons, such as:

  • They offer strong adhesion on many surfaces, including irregular surfaces.
  • They’re resistant to water and abrasion for long-lasting use.
  • They can be applied quickly and easily.
  • They’re available in a wide range of colors to suit your space and application.
  • They don’t leave residue when they’re removed.

Implement Directional Flow Tapes in Your Establishment

Without guidance, people are bound to cross or bump into each other at some point. Directional flow tapes allow you to establish traffic flow so everyone’s walking in the same direction, making it easier to maintain six feet of distance from the person in front of you.

You can use these arrows to indicate entrances and exits, the flow of traffic through the aisles, which stairs to take up and which to take down, and how to approach and leave a desk or counter.


Create Displays Using Tapes and Adhesives

NADCO social distancing decalEducational displays, like sandwich boards and freestanding signs and banners, can be created with tapes and adhesives and positioned at your business entrance, the service counter, or the restrooms. They’re ideal in any area where you’d like to remind people of social distancing guidelines or any special instructions that might be important at your facility. That could include information about capacity limits, foot traffic directions, hygiene guidelines, temperature-taking and health questionnaire protocols, and more.

You can offer the same information with adhesive signs on doors, walls, and windows. Whether you use standing displays, adhesive signs, or both may depend upon the layout of your building/room, how many people go through your building each day, and more.

Provide Protective Windows and Screens at Checkout

Many businesses are using transparent barriers as physical protection between customers and employees or between coworkers. This allows them to be as close as they need to be for financial exchanges or discussions and team projects without putting each other at risk.

These protective windows have to be assembled and carefully secured before use, and adhesives can help. Instead of using screws, clamps, or rivets, which are unsightly, take longer to install, and may make a mess, 3M VHB adhesives were created for this purpose. They’re strong enough to uphold these partitions. The viscoelastic acrylic adhesive is durable and temperature resistant; it’s designed to last, making it an ideal choice for permanent projects.

For over three decades, NADCO has been offering custom-printed tapes and labels for businesses all over the country. Our creative team can help you with product design as you order the adhesive solutions you need to maintain social distancing for businesses.

Contact us to learn more about our adhesive tape and label products and how we can serve your business.


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