Halloween Safety Tip – Use Reflective and Glow Tapes.

With Halloween just around the corner, parents should be thinking safety for their little ones. The number one hazard is kids being hit by cars because drivers simply didn’t see them. To keep them safe, supply children with flashlights and accent costumes and candy bags with reflective or glow in the dark tape. With a little imagination you can create an entire homemade costume with reflective or glow tape. The reflective tape will glow in the beams of a car’s headlights making your child easy to spot.

Reflective tapes reflect light in one of two ways – glass beads or micro prisms. Glass bead tapes are the oldest and most common reflective tape. These tapes reflect light via thousands upon thousands of small glass beads embedded into the tape. Each glass bead reflects light back to the source. Microprism tapes are called “Prismatic Tapes”. They are the brightest of all the tapes. These films utilize small prisms that reflect light back to the source in higher concentrations than glass beads. Because the micro prisms are man-made, the angle of reflectivity can be adjusted depending on the tapes intended use.

Don’t settle for only what you can find in the store. Nadco offers reflective tape in many colors and sizes. We can also print any color on reflective or glow tape. Now is the time to start creating the ultimate costume with reflective and glow tape.


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