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The difference between our Anti-Slip Tapes.

NADCO Anti Slip TapeAnti-Slip Tape is an extra precaution in accident prone locations, like ladders, decks, ramps, bathtubs and stairs. These materials are made to last an extended period of time and exceed many OSHA standards. At NADCO® we offer different styles of safety tracks to meet the needs of any customer who is trying to improve their building, house or even boat safety. The real question though is how to decide which anti-slip product is right for you. Online you will find that our Anti-Slip products are listed as 3420 Glo-Brite Safety Track Tape, 188 Vinyl Anti-Slip Tape, 189 Grit Safety Tape and 189 Y-B Yellow and Black Anti-Slip Grit Tape, but what are the real differences between each product?

3420 Glo-Brite Safety Track Tape: 3420 is designed for emergency situations, this product is a non-skid, mineral-coated, glow in the dark tape that provides protection on hazardous surfaces. This anti-slip tape absorbs and stores energy from ambient light and becomes instantly visible in the event of darkness. The mineral-coating appears coarse and is normally used in areas where users would be wearing shoes, like outdoor stairs and ramps.

188 Vinyl Anti-Slip Tape: 188 is a “barefoot friendly” anti-slip tape,  it is created to be used in bath-tubs or pools because it is not as coarse as the mineral-coating. The vinyl material is highly conformable and resistant to aging and a variety of corrosive chemicals. This Anti-Slip Tape has “write-on” capability and can be designed to display your colors and logo.

189 Grit Safety Tape: 189, is similar to 3420 because it is also mineral-coated and should be used in areas where the users are wearing shoes. 189, however, does not glow in the dark; it is a plastic film liner that can be customized to show your company logo.

189 Y-B Yellow and Black Anti-Slip Grit Tape: 189 Y-B is exactly like 189 with one difference, 189 Y-B has yellow and black stripes. This non-skid tape is mineral-coated and supplies excellent traction. The yellow and black stripes are perfect for marking and warning users of the hazardous area.

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How Your Company Will Benefit from Marketing Materials

NADCO store decal Marketing materials help by creating an image for the company, items like window decals and banners are what make a company memorable. Something as simple as a label will create brand trust and most importantly customer retention. Companies large and small can truly benefit from using marketing materials, materials like banners, posters,  labels, and window decals. Here are more reasons why your company will benefit from marketing materials:

Personalization – Marketing materials are 100% customizable, from banners to window decals whatever design you decide is entirely yours. Print materials allow future and present clients to see your message and it is your creativity that will help your company stand out among the competition.

Affordable – Materials like banners and window decals are extremely cost effective for companies, because they are low cost per impression. For smaller companies that have a tight marketing budget print materials come at a great value and help to generate a lasting impression.

Easily Distributed – Most marketing materials, like labels and bumper stickers are easy to distribute among customers. Print materials reach a large audience and have repeat exposure. You can also be sure that the people who are seeing your banners or materials are potential customers.

Attracts Customers – Items like banners and labels receive a significant amount of impressions; these materials grab potential client’s attention which helps to produce interest in your company.

Creates Recognition and Brand Awareness – The more materials your brand name and logo is on the more impressions you are creating. Repeat impressions will create trust and helps for the company to appear as a leader in your field. Customers are going to purchase from a company that has the best appearance, a company that they know can trust.

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Unique products you may not know NADCO® offers.

NADCO® specializes in the production of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and labels, but you may not know about the variety of other products that we have to offer. We have several materials that can be produced with and without adhesive and we can produce banners and posters as well. Here are five examples of our unique products:

  1. Banners – We have two different styles of banners: a hanging banner that can come in any size and a retractable banner that is 32 1/2 in. x 80 in. The hanging banners also include grommets for easy display, and the retractable banner comes in a sturdy, simple to assemble case. Both banners are completely customizable and are produced with a durable, waterproof vinyl that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. This vinyl creates a soft and delicate surface that is perfect for imagery and aesthetics.
  2. Barricade Tape – This product is a vinyl plastic tape with high strength, conformity and abrasion resistance. The barricade tape surface will accept writing and will resist most common solvents, water, oil, sunshine, acid, fungus, alkalis and corrosive chemicals. It has an excellent shelf life and moisture/vapor barrier, making this product perfect for outdoor events.
  3. Foams  Our foam materials have premium properties of conformability, adhesion, and cushioning. Foam tapes are especially suited for irregular and textured surface applications and offer a variety of uses. A few applications include insulation, appliances and humidity protection.
  4. Foils – Our line of top quality foil tapes are highly malleable, weather resistant and can conform to any irregular or uneven surface. Because of their strength and versatility, foil tapes perform considerably well in applications involving seaming, masking and sealing. Foil tapes are an ideal choice for any work requiring long-lasting durability and environmental resistance.
  5. Posters – All posters are printed on bright white, scratch and water resistant, wet strength paper that features outdoor durability. This paper creates an indoor/outdoor quality advertising sign or information board. A few applications include billboards, construction signs, outdoor décor and promotions.

Why Car Washes Should be Using NCWT1

NADCO moisture resistant masking tapeWhen a vehicle travels through a car wash there is a potential risk for the car to lose their rear windshield wiper. Fortunately, this can be easily avoided by simply taping the wiper down before entering the wash.

However, the car wash needs to be using a specific tape for this situation, and that tape is NCWT1. NCWT1 is a black, moisture-resistant masking tape that is inexpensive and a more efficient way to protect a customers’ vehicle from losing their windshield wiper.

Here are 5 more reasons to why your car wash should use NCWT1:


  1. NCWT1 is strong enough to hold down the windshield wiper. NCWT1 has a strong adhesive that will help the tape and the windshield wiper remain in place during the duration of the car wash.
  2. NCWT1 is moisture resistant. NCWT1 is waterproof, meaning that the tape will not lose its adhesiveness due to water or soap; this will help the tape to stay in place until removed at the end of the car wash.
  3. NCWT1 is safe for the car. NCWT1, although strong, it is not aggressive enough to damage the car’s paint or leave a residue after removal.
  4. NCWT1 is easy to remove. NCWT1’s lightweight paper material makes it easy to remove after use.
  5. Customers will appreciate the extra step. Customers notice when companies go the extra mile, and they will appreciate your company taking the precautions that protect their vehicles.

Visit NCWT1 (Moisture Resistant Masking Tape) to learn more.

10 Facts you may not know about NADCO®

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NADCO® Tapes and Labels Inc. is an acknowledged leader in the pressure sensitive adhesive tape and label industries. They are devoted to the printing and die-cutting of tape and label products for all customers’ advertising demands, safety requirements, industrial applications and recreational needs. However, there may be a few things that you don’t know about NADCO®:

  1. NADCO® is an acronym of the owner’s initials. NADCO® stands for Neil Allen Doniger Company.
  2. NADCO® is a family affair. NADCO® is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Neil and Rená Doniger. Rená’s mom, Karen Johnson, works as an administrative assistant, and her sister, Shelby Johnson, is the production co-manager, and it doesn’t stop there. The other production co-manager, Erika Estrada, is married to press operator Jose Estrada. All NADCO® has accomplished is a result of the successful combination of the professional and personal relationships.
  3. NADCO® started as a one-man printing press. NADCO’s® first company space was in New Hampshire. The 1,500-square-foot space was the home of a small office area and a printing press. It did not take long for the company to grow, and they are now located in Sarasota, FL. in a 32,000 square-foot facility, running nine printing presses.
  4. NADCO® started in 1988. About four years ago, on September 10th, 2013, NADCO® celebrated their 25th anniversary. NADCO®  is now closing in on their 29th year of operation and are still running strong.
  5. NADCO® is a woman-owned company but is ultimately a joint venture. NADCO® was certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council in 2006. This means that Rená owns 51% of the company and Neil owns 49%. However, this is the only separation NADCO® is a complete joint venture, owned and operated as a team.
  6. NADCO® serves customers in every industry. From aerospace to hospitality, there is not an industry that NADCO® cannot serve.
  7. NADCO® is an ISO 9001 certified company. NADCO® is an ISO 9001 certified company meaning they are focused on meeting their customers’ expectations and delivering customer satisfaction.
  8. NADCO® helps colleagues in areas which they don’t excel. Colleagues within the tape and label industry entrust NADCO® to help them in areas in which they cannot offer.
  9. NADCO® has customers locally, nationally, and internationally. NADCO® has the capabilities to not only ship across the United States but across international waters as well.
  10. If you can imagine it, NADCO will make it stick®. NADCO® runs off creativity and innovation, they will take whatever idea the customer imagines and make it into a reality.