Are Your Food & Bev Labels Sticking Out Like They Should?

In the food and beverage industry, labels function as the customer’s first introduction to your brand, laying the foundation for their loyalty and repeat business. Having a high-quality, trustworthy label will help establish brand identity, ensuring that you stand out from the competition to new and existing customers alike.

Food and Beverage Products

Below, we’ve assembled a quick guide on how to create effective labels for your food and beverage products.

Create Engaging Content

There are several important steps to designing engaging, relationship-building labels. First, you should study your target audience and how your brand identity will speak to your needs. Research has shown that customers look at a product for an average of four seconds before moving on, so it’s important to quickly and concisely express your brand’s information and identity. Highlight your product’s features and ingredients, but make sure you also leave room for the customer’s imagination (and don’t be misleading!).

Meet Government Regulations

All food and beverage labels must comply with FDA laws, standards, and guidelines. Providing clear, accurate nutritional information will help you avoid liability and keep your customers safe. Adhering to FDA regulations will also give you more opportunity to showcase your unique branding – some companies include unique designs or fun content around FDA labels to give their products a more human touch.

Enhance Shelf Appeal

Enhance Shelf Appeal

To boost your product’s shelf appeal, it’s important to establish unique color schemes, dynamic graphics, and original diction and branding. Customers remember a product for the distinctive personality it brings into play; therefore, your branding should help establish your product’s character, originality, and memorability.

You can also study your competitors’ designs to see what they’re doing, and then improve upon them. Aggressive marketing strategies by industry rivals can be refashioned into winning campaigns for you. Finding unique and original ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors will result in your product having your personality, and customers love personality.

Besides an eye-catching, engaging label, you must also consider innovative packaging. The more functional your packaging is, the better your sales will be. For example, when Heinz turned their flipped the labels on their ketchup bottles upside down, so that the bottle cap faced downward, they significantly increased their sales. A well-designed package will go a long way in setting yourself apart from your competitors and positively connecting with your customers.

Working with NADCO

NADCO brings a large team of qualified experts to any design challenge. With design experience for clients across many industries, we can customize a product to any standard. We offer sophisticated graphic services with 7-Spot Color printing, optional UV printing, and Cold Foil services.

To learn more about our unique labeling solutions, contact us and request a free quote today.


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  1. Taylor Hansen

    It’s interesting that customers look at a product for 4 seconds before moving on. I want to create a unique label for my new wine bottle I will be selling. I’ll be sure to find a label this catches the eye and is the right size for the bottle.

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