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                     NADCO® Tapes & Labels, Inc. designs, manufactures and delivers both stock and fully                      customized          pressure sensitive tapes and labels

NADCO® Tapes & Labels, Inc. Downloadable Spec Sheets

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Custom Foil Tapes
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Custom Printed Labels
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Custom Vinyl Labels

Simply click on the product below to access printable PDF spec sheets for each application.

PDFAL-62 (PDF - 261KB)
PDFBT-100 (Blast Tape) (PDF - 1MB)

PDF188 Vinyl Anti-Slip Tape (PDF - 225KB) PDFCloth Friction Tape (PDF - 257KB)
PDF189 Grit Safety Tape (PDF - 230KB)  

PDFCGT (Gaffers Tape Low Gloss Finish) (PDF - 638KB)

PDF189Y-B Yellow and Black Stripe Antislip Grit (PDF - 232KB) PDFCP64 Premium Grade, Printable, Crepe Paper Masking Tape (PDF - 279KB)
PDF198 Non-Detectable Barricade Tape w/ Adhesive (PDF - 85.4KB)    PDFCP88 (Autoclave Tape) (PDF - 226KB)
PDFCP90 (Printable Autoclave Tape) (PDF - 579KB)

PDFDTS (Duct Cloth Tape) (PDF - 330KB)
PDFDCT100A (PDF - 376KB)
PDFFBD2 (1/32" Black Poly D/C Foam Tape) (PDF - 511KB)


PDF199(Barricade Tape) (PDF - 359KB)
PDF200 (Detectable Underground Utility Marking Tape)
(PDF - 571KB)
PDF225 (Flame Retardant Duct Tape) (PDF - 549KB)
PDF232 (High Performance Masking Tape) (PDF - 606KB)
PDF235 (Jetgloss on Demand) (PDF - 881KB)
PDF308 (Destructible Paper) (PDF - 483KB)
PDFFLV (Fluorescent Vinyl) (PDF - 227KB)
PDF352-PTFE(High-Modulus-Natural) (PDF - 367KB) PDFFWD6 (D/C Foam Mounting Tape) (PDF - 259KB)
PDF501 General Purpose Masking Tape (PDF - 231KB)
PDF508D High Performance Masking Tape (PDF - 609KB)
PDFFWD8 (D/C Foam Mounting Tape) (PDF - 562KB)
PDF512 Double Coated Polyester Bonding Film (PDF - 240KB) PDFFWS2 (SS Foam Mounting Tape) (PDF - 552KB)
PDF514 Automotive Tape (PDF - 487KB) PDFFWS6 (SS Foam Mounting Tape) (PDF - 555KB)
PDFGLOW Tape (PDF - 225KB)

PDFHO51 (White Polyester) (PDF - 465KB)

PDF591 (Double Coated Paper) (PDF - 382KB) PDFIndustrial PVC Foam (PDF - 1.06MB)
PDF623 Nuclear Duct Tape (PDF - 606KB) PDFOptiflex Reseal Clear (PDF - 1.16MB)
PDFLF20 (Lead Foil Tape) (PDF - 1083 KB)
PDF711 Reflective Sheeting (PDF - 1.05MB)
PDF711-2 (Flexible Prismatic Conspicuity Markings) (PDF - 679KB)
PDFLM100 (PDF - 1.01MB)

PDFLM200 (PDF - 498KB)
PDFLS150U (Polyjet Laser Gloss Clear) (PDF - 411KB)

PDF726 Rope Paper Tape (PDF - 316KB)

PDF743 Photographic Masking Tape (PDF - 527KB)

PDFMMB Silver Brushed Mylar (PDF - 5.78MB)
PDF844 Double Coated Clear Poly w/ Red PP Liner (PDF - 458KB)
PDF862 Stainless Steel Tape (PDF - 544KB)
PDFMM100 (PDF - 139KB)
 PDFOFM1002 (Outdoor Imprintable Label Product (PDF - 727KB)
PDF918 Shrink Film Splicing Tape (PDF - 227KB) PDFOPP-20C Colored Polypropylene Tape (PDF - 356KB)
PDF921L Polyethylene Tape (PDF - 255KB) PDFOV (PDF - 189KB)
PDFOVM (Matte Overlaminate) (PDF - 550KB)
PDF967 Polyethylene Tape (PDF - 306KB) PDFPE350 White (PDF - 230KB)
PDFPE350 Nuclear Grade (PDF - 141KB)
PDF968 10-mil Clear UHMW Polyethylene (PDF - 321KB)
PDF981 Silicone Splicing Tape (PDF - 510KB)
PDF1001 2 & 5 mil Clear Silicone Transfer Adhesive (PDF - 689KB)
PDF1163 (Double Coated Tape) (PDF - 500KB)
PDF1170M DC Super High Bond Non-Woven Tape
PDFPF14 Paper Identification Tape (PDF - 226KB)
  PDFPG-21 (PDF - 150KB)
PDF1450 Lead Foil Tape (PDF - 230KB) PDFPM200 ID Tape (PDF - 244KB)
PDF1520CW Aluminum Foil Tape (PDF - 267KB) PDFPM500 Clear (PDF - 241KB)
PDF1650 Copper Foil Tape (PDF - 258KB)
PDF1680 (3-mil Copper Tape) (PDF - 429KB)
PDFPP200 Clear Polypropylene Film (PDF - 234KB)
PDF1688 Aluminum Foil Shielding Tape (PDF - 816KB) PDFPP200RS Resealable Clear Polypropylene Film (PDF - 235KB)
PDFPP Colored 2-mil (PDF - 405KB)
PDF1690 Tin Platted Copper (PDF - 475KB)
PDF1692 Conductive Transfer Film (PDF - 477KB)
PDFPVA40 PVC Foam on Aluminum Layer (PDF - 431KB)
PDF1697 Copper Foil Shielding Tape (PDF - 530KB) PDFP743 (PDF - 145KB)
PDF2914 & 2915-3 (PDF - 125KB)

PDF3000 Marine Adhesive (PDF - 139KB)

PDFPVC Foam (PDF - 655KB)
PDFPVC250 (PVC File w/ Gloss Surface) (PDF - 647KB)
PDFPWT-20 (Heavy Duty SPVC Pipe Wrap Tape) (PDF - 436KB)
PDF3243 High Temp Foil Tape (PDF - 580KB) PDFR100 High Intensity Grade Reflective (PDF - 487KB)
PDF3244 (3-mil AL Foil Welding Tape) (PDF - 490KB) PDFR400 R300 Engineer Grade Reflective (PDF - 406KB)
PDF3420 Glo Brite Safety Track (PDF - 239KB) PDFSemi-Gloss Paper Label Stock (PDF - 230KB)
PDF3604 Double Faced Polyester Tape (PDF - 271KB)
PDF3610M Medical Grade Double Coated Polyester Film Tape (PDF-398-.97KB)

PDFShiny Silver Paper (PDF - 278KB)
PDFSWLF (Selfwound Temporary Adhesive Label) (PDF - 284KB)

PDF3680 Automotive Tape (PDF - 495KB)


PDFT188-A 2-mil Kapton (PDF - 201KB)

PDFT188-S 2-mil Kapton (PDF - 201KB)

PDFTranstherm (PDF - 456KB)
PDFTTrr22 (Transfer Premium Plus w/ RR22) (PDF - 270KB)


PDF 3882 2-mil Flame Retardant Adhesive Transfer Film
(PDF- 423KB)

PDFUHB10B (Black Foamed Acrylic Tape) (PDF - 851KB)
PDFUHB10G (Gray Foamed Acrylic Tape) (PDF - 821KB)
PDF4150 Industrial Tape (PDF - 510KB) PDFURA-45 (PDF - 145KB)
PDF4296 Industrial Tape (PDF - 532KB)

PDF42963 (BOPP Film With Direct Therm Top Coat) (PDF - 385KB)

PDFUtility Grade Duct Tape (PDF - 133KB)

PDF4445 Double Sided Permanent Removeable Tape (PDF - 231KB)
PDF4802 (PE Tamper) (PDF - 635KB)
PDFVCC 125 (PDF - 203KB)
PDF550G Aluminum / Glass Laminate (PDF - 52.7KB)
 PDF5903 (Outdoor Masking Poly Tape) (PDF - 540KB)

PDF6702 (White Polyethylene Label Product) (PDF - 622KB)

PDFVoid Tape - Silver (PDF - 234KB)
PDF7065 Vinyl Removable Adhesive (PDF - 350KB)
PDF7432M Double Coated Medical Foam Tape (PDF - 513KB)
PDF7500 Glow in the Dark Gaffers (PDF - 288KB)
PDF7535 Glow Brite (PDF - 136KB) PDFV60 Self Wound Vinyl (PDF - 473KB)
PDF7550 Glo Brite Tape (PDF - 226KB)
PDF7613 Destructible Vinyl Label Material (PDF - 596KB)
PDF7719 (Smooth Cling Film) (PDF - 701KB)

PDF79449 (PDF - 8182KB)

PDFV400 3.25-mil Vinyl (PDF - 259KB)

PDFV1000 Hard White Vinyl Film w/ Removable Adhesive
(PDF - 328KB)

PDF9132 Foam Mounting Tape (PDF - 507KB)
PDF9511 Blue Silicone Adhesive Tape  (PDF - 522KB)


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